21 Feb

london 11.07am 11.7C sunny thursday 2019

today i see a article (the dailymail got a better writeup) about where to buy for the best commuting to london. which town is the best for it. and it seems it is cheshunt. it is the western end of metropolitan tube line, though its top ranking as a commuter town is due to its rail link that makes it the best for commuters. the tube lines are very slow, but the railways are fast. it takes 26mins they say to london, it seems.  however, the catch is the rail ends in one of the train stations, to liverpool st, or euston, or kings cross, and not to your destination so  it means taking the tube to your end destination.  and that means added time.  all in all, it is a long commute.

you may ask why do people do it. it is because they cannot afford london prices. average prices in cheshunt is about £385,000 and it is not possible to buy anything decent in london for that price. or so they say… but you have to add the train annual ticket price of £2,300, plus some more for the tube to your final destination.  bear in mind it will go up every year… so add that to the house price and you can look for something in london costing about £400,000. i think it is possible to find a 2bd flat in london for that price.

will you still buy in cheshunt, rather than try to buy in london? i would buy in london, saves all that travel money plus time, plus london housing will go up faster than cheshunt. plus u can rent out a room for a higher rent in london than in cheshunt.

mind you, £400,000 mortgage is about £2500 a month. still a lot of money to pay out every month for 20yrs. no wonder nowadays the ordinary worker cannot buy a place. 

added 3.54pm 16.2C (i cant believe it, that high temp)

i got an email sent to me by talktalk, who provide my broadband and landline. they have increased my bill from £19.95 to £23.95, a £4 increase because they say they have increased my tv service. i did not know i even have that, as i did not ask for it. so i called them up on their freeline, and ask them to cancel that. i dont know what that tv service does… but i guess i shall find out once that tv service is cancelled. will i notice any difference in my tv reception i wonder? we shall see. 



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