black grapes

23 Feb

london 9.12am 8.8C fog saturday 2019

yesterday i bought some black grapes from lidl. 500mg for £1.25. actually asda was selling grapes, black, red and ordinary 2x 400mg packs for £2. and i had gone to clapham junction to buy them, but i entered the lidl next door first, as it was the nearest to the train station, and got all my shopping from lidl instead. those two supermarkets are so close to each other, i am sure they poach each others customers all the time. 

Digital StillCamera

i have never bought black grapes before. in fact this is the first time i became aware of them, because there were so many of them on sale.

the black grapes are very sweet. not as crunchy as the other types. the red grapes can sometimes look like black grapes, depending on how deep the red is. so i think that is what these black grapes are, they are just red grapes with a very deep colour, so they appear black. taste wise, they are like any grapes…except sweeter.  so maybe the black grapes are really very ripe red grapes. they are so nice, i have almost finished them allready. 

i think the green grapes can be sour, so i wonder if green grapes are just unripe grapes… in most fruits, a red colour indicates they are ripe. 

thank goodness for the lidl and asda , they make tesco and sainsburys with their £2 grapes look overpriced.

i met a guy shopping in tesco last night, and he had bought loads of golden delicious apples in his shopping trolley,(he says he has a large family and so the fruits have to keep) and we started chatting and he said he finds the fruits in lidl goes off very quick. and i wonder if lidl sells fruits that are allready ripe, and maybe that is why they are cheaper than the other supermarkets who sell their fruits unripe, and can afford to let them remain unsold for a bit longer and so sells them at a higher price because they are not interested in a quick turnaround.

with lidl, those fruits have to be sold quick or they become over ripe, hence they sell them cheaper. and maybe when they sourced the fruits, the farmers may let it be sold cheaper simply because they are getting riper, and cannot keep.

that is why i find when i buy from lidls, the fruits have just reach that stage of ripeness that makes them most delicious. and that means i eat them quickly, rather than keep them for ages. it is something i like to do too, to be able to eat them straight away, rather than wait for them to ripen, which i have to do if i buy from tesco.

i remember once buying easy peel fruits from lidl , 2 huge bags of it because they are so cheap; and ate  all of one bag  on the bus back, because they are so ripe and bursting with juice that i could not stop eating them. those were the most enjoyable satsumas or clementines,(i never can tell what they are) i have ever tasted.

2 Responses to “black grapes”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday February 23, 2019 at 12:09 pm #

    Yes the purple grapes from Chile are super sweet and crunchy. The purples grapes from Japan or Korea are soft and squidgy such that you can suck it out of its skins whole!

    • alifesgayventure Saturday February 23, 2019 at 1:11 pm #

      they are called purple grapes in singapore? here they look black . i have been googling black grapes and it seems they are healthier than red ones, or green ones. also grapes do not ripen off the vine, so once pick they dont ripen, just rot. so buying green grapes may mean you are buying unripe grapes. also the red colour of red wine is due to the skin of red or black grapes.

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