i found a carpet

24 Feb

london 5.32pm 13.8C dry, (highest 19.2C about 4pm) sunday 2019

i think one of the nice things about living my life in london is finding things lying around.

i was on my way to the bus this morning to catch it for paddington library, which i normally go to on sundays, when i saw this rolled up carpet. i took it back and unrolled it when i got back just to see what the pattern was. it is quite nice.so i shall keep it.  then i went out again to continue my library travel. part of the fun of finding things is the not knowing what i will find. it is that element of chance. and the unexpected. it makes for an interesting life in a nice way. because the surprise is a nice one. as well as satisfy my crave for acquiring useful things. you could say it is my hobby, and a inexpensive hobby that i can indulge without needing money to run it. 

its too dark now to take a picture of the carpet so i shall delay posting a pic of it till tomorrow when i can get more light. the back of the carpet has a label with gewell, mattex the carpet i found you can see in the catalogue, under sultan. it is blue. size 120/170 

added mon 25.2.19 in the cold light of today, i see it is actually black with white borders and centre . 



this element of chance, seems to run throughout my life in the things i like to do … like finding free food offers given by eating places to promote themselves. also finding reduced priced bargains of all kinds of food in the supermarkets. all are unplanned, and unexpected, and surprising.

i have been thinking what i would be doing if i were to retire in malaysia, instead of ending up in london. i have a feeling i wont find it so enjoyable as here.

i saw a article about a malaysian guy about my age who came to london on a tourist visa in 2005 and overstayed and was caught working illegally in 2016, and had been trying to get a permanent stay here, unfortunately, it seems the home office dont believe he is gay. saying he dont have a boyfriend… which is really a strange reason for saying someone is not gay… haha. not everyone of us have a boyfriend. that article i have not read before, and it gave more details of his case. it said they could not find anyone to vouch for his being gay, sex partners i think they meant, and it is rather unusual to not be able to find any… after all it is the very freedom in london to find gay guys to befriend and have relationships with, that makes it so nice to be here in london. on the other hand, he came here when he was in his 50s, and that might be difficult to get into the gay scene, where youth, or the appearance of youthfulness, is quite highly priced. 


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