lidl shopping

4 Mar

london 2.20pm rain 7.2C monday 2019

lovely breakfast of croissant and grapes

went to lidls and bought their croissant. i think the cheapest in town, is a nice treat as eating it always reminds me of my time in capedagde, the naturist town in south france.

i actually went to lidls to buy their red grapes 500mg selling for 99p, i bought 2packs, and their savoy cabbage 49p. and ended up buying their shoulder pork as it was £2.49/kg. i had been eating a lot of roast chicken (because of the two roast chickens i bought in tesco that were reduced by so much) and i am wanting a change from chicken now. so cabbage with pork will be a nice change. pork can keep in the freezer. when i got back i see that i still have two packs of pork from my previous buy. i find meat lasts me a long time. this is because i use it to flavour the veg dishes i make. without the flavour from meat, i find veg dishes are too bland. 

on the way back by bus, we got told by the driver when he stopped at vauxhall, that the bus wont be going to parliament square, because of the demonstration, and instead will go over lambert bridge and along the south bank to waterloo bridge, where it will cross to the north bank and then go to trafalgar square and continue its normal route. i will have left the bus then as it will go to my get -off point at the tate britain stop first.

well the rain now will put a damper on the demonstrators. it will have both remainers and brexiteers converging on parliament square because the MPs are going to vote on whether to approve theresa May’s exit plan. the rain wont be lasting… it will end at about 3.30pm by which time maybe they would have finished voting.


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