found things

5 Mar

london 1.21pm 11.2C cloudy tuesday 2019

i found some plates and a teapot recently. the white plate (there were 3 of them) is gold rimmed, and looked very nice. procelain too. and made in poland it seems. at the back it has chodziez brand on it. the other two plates are staffordshire ware. the teapot has no brand name but it is very cute, and unused.well, as BT said in the BT advert, everyone needs plates.

there must be lots of plates hanging around all over the world, and by rights there should be no need to buy them, they should be easily found free. all my crockery have been found , or in my earlier life, bought in charity shops. it was only late in life, in the last 10 or 20 yrs i think, that i realise there is no need to buy them as they are freely found on the street.  

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