11 Mar

london 10.41am 8.3C sunny monday 2019

i think i have fractured my left foot again. it seems to be about yearly, around this time, in 2017, i fractured the left foot, that has a clear cause, i banged it against the door , in 2018, my right foot got fractured, i thought at first that it is due to my circuit training, but this year 2019, yesterday in fact, i fractured the left foot again. this time the fracture is quite a small one. and there is no obvious cause why .

when i mentioned it to the doctor who checked my prostate, he said it can occur to the elderly. stress fracture it seems. from just walking.

ah well, this morning i noticed the sunlight streaming into my lounge, which normally it does not do. but the sun has moved high enough now to shine right into the flat. i was thinking of going outside to catch the sun, by sitting in the courtyard but i can see it is quite windy out there and it wont be very comfortable. but since i can sun myself in the flat, basking in the sunlight streaming in the windows, i can do all that in the comfort of the flat and in a sheltered place, and can let the sun shine on my skin to generate vit D. i figured it must do some good to get some vit D made and hope it will strengthen my bones. it is very pleasant to be sitting , or in my case, lying on the settee, in the sun. i see old people doing it all the time, and it seems i have joined their ranks. such is old age, the littlest thing i can find pleasure in doing and i am quite satisfied with it.

and it is great we got the internet, i can browse away and see what others are up to. and maybe even get into chatting with them. 

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  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday March 12, 2019 at 2:39 pm #

    Aah I just caught up! Bummer to find out the cause as from stress walking. Take care and do take calcium supplements

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