17 Mar

london 5.58pm 8.6C dark clouds sunday 2019

its quite cold today. it is the wind . i went out to the library in paddington at about 12pm, it was sunny, and i thought just one hoodie should be enough. but the wind was so biting cold, that i returned and put on another hoodie. on the way to the bus i saw two children  wearing only t-shirt and shorts . my ears got so cold ,that in the bus, i was trying to warm them up with my hands and had to put my woolly hat and gloves on, as i was getting a headache from them being so cold. can children generate so much heat that they dont feel the cold? those two kids did not look like they are frozen with cold. yet when i look up the weather website, it seems the temperature was about 8C. normally other  days when we get that temperature it feels very mild but then they were windless days. maybe the wind makes all the difference, or where it comes from. if nothern wind, that makes it a cold wind.

the bus was busy, which surprised me; with many people getting on and off. this is a sunday. there was a herd of kids at the bus stop. is it some kind of school outing, do you think? i dont recall it so busy in other sundays’ past. the library was busy too, with all the seats taken. i wonder what is happening. either school is on, or it is the school holidays again. (all the adult computers were taken, but the children area with its computers and seatings was empty, and when i sat there to read the papers, the library lady told me not to sit there. they are trying to separate the children from the adults. these are the times nowadays, you mix with children at your peril. )

my foot is much better now. i have finished off the gout medicine the hospital gave me, and it makes the swelling go down quite fast. so it must be gout then. in the previous attacks when no one suspect gout, it took a long time for the swelling to go down. it is a strange thing, diagnosis, and is quite an art as well as a science to make an accurate one. 

added. 10.22pm i was reading a blog and was reminded it is st patrick’s day today.so that was why it was so busy today with so many people moving about. must be some kind of do going on some places to celebrate this saint’s day.

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