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19 Mar

london 12.44pm 12.4C cloudy tuesday 2019

i have allready been out of the flat and have come back. very early this morning, before 9am, i took the bus to clapham junction to the asda there, as i found out online that it opens 24hrs… and i wanted to go to the lidl there to buy a croissant. i wanted also to buy washing liquid at asda, but i found out that the 34p 500ml washing liq they sell is now replaced with a 50p one. that is not such a bargain. in fact even the lancashire farm yogurt that i like is not reduced. so the only thing i bought from asda was 2packs of egg noodles 59p each. which is still quite good bargain. luckily lidl next door has washing liq, W5, the brand and that is 85p for 1litre. but i got my croissant, and returned to have it for my breakfast with a nice cup of coffee. 

i have just come in from trying to sunbathe outside , but the rain clouds were blocking the sun so i did not stay out long. 

i read in the papers that not many people are aware of a new ruling coming into effect in april, which is not long now… apart from the question of whether we will brexit or not, there is the requirement for everyone wanting to access porn sites to be verified. but the porn websites that i go to is completely silent about it. do they know something we dont? or they have it all set up and it just needs the word from govt to start it. 

added. 6.10pm 11.4C i had a nap and woke up now. i better post this. i had written the above and kept it pending thinking i might add to it. but it defeats the post if i delay posting it too long.

added 6.22pm. i read this, just now. saying the govt has pulled the start of the porn verification thingy. is it fakenews, or is it the most recent stop press new information news.

this law is hoping to stop kids from using porn site, but knowing humans, it may be difficult to implement. if a kid is determined he or she will find a way to get in. maybe we should just put a warning on saying to kids, look you are not allowed in here, but if u do, than anything happen to you is at your own risk, and you are on your own kiddo. what do u think, it is tough love but hey it is life too.


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