23 Mar

london 9.27am 11C cloudy saturday 2019

quite a day yesterday resulting in me this morning with a catheter up my penis draining urine from my bladder, (the chap who put it in was very gentle and i did not feel a thing during it though by that stage i was rather out of it. hang on, i remember he was putting two needles in my wrist vein, so perhaps he sedated me . glad he did if he did). must be a mild sedative, because i dont need anyone to accompany home. it might be he gave me a pain killer intravenously.

and looking at my chromebook screen with grey water marks on it. it got a soaking in the sainsbury shopping bag along with the hospital letters, all soggy when i presented it to the receptionist. that i vomitted into on my way to the chelsea hospital as i stepped out of the tube train in south kensington. in fact i vomitted again into the bag at the A&E reception and had to be wheeled into the ward by a porter.

it seems for some reason, i could not piss. in fact, it began to do this last night after the biopsy. and it was painful too. earlier today i went to the st thomas A&E , after i finally succumbed to taking 2 panadol tablets for the pain. it worked. but later it did not and simon suggested i take a codeine-co tablet that he got. it is a combination of codeine and panadol.

i was told to take some antibiotics which they prescribe and just wait to see if the infection will subside, otherwise if by monday it persists to go to chelsea hosp or to my GP. but later that day, it got really bad, and i decided to go to the chelsea hosp. and just as well i did, because i suddenly started vomitting on the tube train. my bladder was full and yet i could not piss. 

anyway, i am glad that bladder problem is solved now. the night of the biopsy (that was 2nights ago)i dare not sleep, wanting to piss and yet fearing the pain. so this catheter is a blessed relief. i wonder if i will need to be on it from now on, and what caused this in the first place… is it a side effect of the biopsy or something worse. anyway i will deal with it as and if it comes up.

so things are stable now.  and i can lie down on my sofa and enjoy the internet, and my cup of coffee. though the watermarks on the chromebook screen will remind me of this episode. i hope the warranty covers it, but if not, nevermind. its tolerable. i should be glad the chromebook still works, seeing it was doused in vomit haha. though i am surprised that there was no debris in my vomit, just water… this is because i have been drinking water to encourage the pissing. the biopsy aftercare instruction said to be sure to keep hydrated. i havent eaten anything all day, and even later when i came home, (at first i thought i will be warded) i still did not feel hungry.

so that was my adventure yesterday. haha. i still dont feel hungry this morning. 

today i hope will be uneventful. 


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