24 Mar

london 2.07pm 13.8C sunny sunday 2019

i wanted to go to the john lewis to see if they will repair my chromebook. it wont recharge, and the screen now is full of black waterdroplets shaped marks on it. but i could not find the receipt, so i wonder if they will accept my word that i bought it on 11oct 18 and consider it under warranty. ah well, i think i might justgo to them on monday, when it might be less busy and fall on their mercy.

yesterday there was a huge demonstration in parliament square, they say 1million attended. but i was trying to find my receipt and when i could not find it, and what with the buses completely not running;  i decided to postpone going to john lewis. today i had thought of going to the library and then to the store, but i was not feeling well, and i was a bit lazy to go out anyway.

so i am running on the left over power in the battery. it is about 20%, sometimes the charging works and it takes up slowly to go up 1 or 2%. the whole charging mechanism has been damaged by the water. ah well, perhaps i might just bring money to john lewis tomorrow and buy a new chrome book. though i doubt i can buy a similar one for £159. i see from their website it is £199 now.


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