waterlogged chromebook is not covered by warranty

26 Mar

london 11.20am 13.1C sunny tuesdayb 2019 virgin lounge haymarket

so at last i made it to the john lewis oxford st store to their computer repair area and let them see what happened to my chromebook. the first thing they ask me is if i got accident cover. it seems the 2yr warranty covers only hardware and software. not accidents, and this one is considered an accident. and it seems to repair it will cost as much as my chromebook. he suggest i use a hdmi lead to connect to the tv screen and use that. which is a good idea. 

so my losing the receipt did not matter after all. ah well. i shall continue to make do as even the charging is getting better, still slow but at least it is charging. i was thinking if i can get a vibrating machine, i could vibrate the droplets so they merge , and get heavier and fall to the bottom of the screen. that would at least clear the screen so i can see things. as it is everything looks like it got a skin disease or something. 

i was on the bus to the store, and saw a leaflet telling of changes to the bus 88. it seems it is going to take over the C2 bus route, and extend itself to parliament hill fields. from 30march, it wont terminate at camden town but go further . parliament hill fields is near highgate ponds and is where there is a naked sunbathing area in the men’s pond changing room area. hmm, a direct route from my flat to that area. sounds lovely. its actually quite logical to close C2 route, as it is quite redundant. it is using those small buses , unlike the bus 88 which uses the new routemaster. 

whilst at john lewis i had a look at their chrome books, and one was selling for £199, 14″ too. reduced from £249. i dont see any 11″ chromebooks. now i am so used to a 11″, i dont really want a 14″ anymore. 

added 7.24pm i have a feeling i will have to buy a new one. this one, i noticed the charging is not working anymore. it tells me it is charging , but the minutes dont go up, and in fact is going down, even when i shut it down, because it does not shut down at all. there is a light on the side that comes on when it is on, and that light do not go off  even when the screen goes dark when i hit the shut off button. so it looks very likely i shall get a new one. i am sure i wont be able to stand this messy screen full of watermarks , as working long time looking at it, can give me a headache.

so i shall be thinking about what to buy next. that 14″, or another 11″. both will cost about £200. it will definitely be a chrome book because it is i think the best , no need to bother with an antivirus installed, and never have to worry about any phone call saying they are calling to fix my laptop. it seems some people are still fooled by this scam, i read a blogger saying she got caught by it. well, i shall enjoy myself shoppng around for another chromebook. 

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