using simon’s laptop

27 Mar

London 7.23am 11C clear Wednesday 2019

simon is letting me use his laptop today. my chromebook gave up the ghost, it failed to charge and so it has no power now. I shall have to buy a new chromebook it would seem.

simon’s laptop has a huge screen, 17″ I think, and so I have a chance to see how it will be advantageous. I read stories from a website and I noticed it is much easier to read the words as they fill up the screen and I don’t hve to keep strolling up and down and sideways. also when pictures comes up, they fill the whole screen and it is much easier to watch them… so there is a lot to be said for getting bigger screens, which means I am more and more inclined now to go for  that 14″ chromebook on sale in john lewis. oh, simon is back now so I guess I better stop and let him use it. 

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