my new 14″ chromebook

29 Mar

london 13C sunny 10.12am friday 2019

i have just received my new chromebook .i ordered this new one yesterday from the john lewis store in oxford st and arranged for me to collect it today. so i am back with my own chromebook , instead of having to share simon’s laptop. 

it is a HP 14″ and i am now sitting in the john lewis oxford st cafe on the 5th floor, charging it up and getting onto my google account to install my data. it is very quick and effortless on my part, does not need me to know how to do it, and everything gets installed like before and so i can get going straightaway with all my favourites etc in place.

this is a bigger screen than i have , the one that got conked was 11″ , before that i had a 13″ screen. so this 14″ will be a new experience.

i have noticed when i was using the 11″ screen, i have to constantly enlarge the size of the script and have to scroll left and right and up and down as i read since the whole enlarged page just cannot fit the screen. now they can and so it makes for a much easier read. 

3 Responses to “my new 14″ chromebook”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday March 29, 2019 at 1:39 pm #

    👍Bigger screen is better!

    • alifesgayventure Friday March 29, 2019 at 1:55 pm #

      you are right. now that i have tried both, i have to say bigger screen is better.

      • Garfield Hug Saturday March 30, 2019 at 1:30 pm #

        Good for you👍

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