croissant fr lidls

30 Mar

london 12.33pm 19C sunny saturday 2019 sunrise 5.41am sunset 6.30pm

lots of sun outside my window, the website says it is 19C which is high for this time of year. but not hot , just comfortable. i still need to wear two layers of outwear when i go out. but i think it is me, i feel the cold, i think others are ok without layering up; because i see a lot of young people walking about in t shirts.

its very pleasant today.

i just had my croissant from lidls, as i specially went there to buy it, and whilst there i also decided to buy what i require… sultanas, for my breakfast porridge, sweet pickle to eat with crackers, and 2 bananas to make me regular. i am liking croissants from lidls because they are cheaper than anywhere else. haha.

today is when the bus 88, the one that runs just by my flat, changes its destination and go on to parliament hill fields, where before it would stop short at camden  on their northern route. it will replace C2, which will disappear.

C2 runs from oxford circus (in the past it used to run from victoria) to parliament hill fields.) i used to take it when i go to highgate ponds, to the men changing area, where there is the only official nude public area in london. so now i can go there direct on one bus from my flat. that is rather nice.

today, also, the bus 88 i took to get back, has a new driver. they have shifted them from the C2 bus, which is a small bus, to drive the double deckers of the 88. and he was unfamiliar with the workings of the doors. he did not open the exit doors and one of us have to go to him and tell him to open, and he opened the front doors, so that i have to walk up to the front to get out. i daresay there will be a learning curve for these new drivers before they get the hang of it.

tomorrow we shall be changing the time, forward 1hr to summer time, and it is mother’s day tomorrow too. though summer is not here yet. it is still spring. summer starts at the summer equinox june 21. i hear lots of people saying we should follow the EU and stick to one time throughout the year, but i like the time changing, moving from GMT to BST and back again.

even though the change over is tomorrow at about 2am, we will change it tonight at whatever time we go to bed. for me usually about 11pm, i shall be turning the clocks forward 1hr. this means tomorrow the sunrise is 1hr later, 6.39am actually , and the sunset will also be 1 hr later.7.32pm.

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