i think most people find their lives boring, and work breaks up the tedium of their lives. some will go to football matches.

31 Mar

london 5.37pm 11C sunny but windy sunday 2019 sunrise 6.40am sunset 7.30pm

the wind makes it a bit chilly today. though it is quite a low temperature , being 11C, when u compare with 19C yesterday.

its been cloudy earlier in the day, though now it is blue sky and still very bright even now. that is the most obvious effect of the change to summertime.

this morning, i had wanted to take the bus to the paddington library, but all the buses were disrupted, and there seem to be a lot of people at the bus stop, so much so that the no 2 bus that normally is quite empty, were so full that they are refusing to take any more passengers even though people are getting off the bus.

seeing the buses so crowded, i thought i had better go to the library by tube, but when i walked up to pimlico station, it was closed.

when i did get the bus to victoria , i found out that there is no tube service between victoria and brixton on the victoria line. and the tube services northbound were disrupted.

someone who was waiting  on the platform  told me it is the wembley football game that is causing all this , with the weight of supporters heading to the stadium for today’s match.

so i decided to abort my trip to the library. i was thinking what is this with human beings wanting to watch football matches. i think it is quite silly to travel miles to pack into a stadium to watch a football match, a bunch of people chasing after a ball, all trying to aim it between two posts. have they got nothing better to do? and i have to answer myself and say, yes, they have nothing better to do.

when u think about it, most people really have boring lives where the highlight for them is a football match where they can rub against each other and sing songs, and cheer or groan. if people are not working, almost all will find their lives terribly boring, i bet. 

added 8.06am monday 1.4.19. i read today about a mum being neglected when her husband decided to go to that wembley football match instead of be with her on mother day. and the other mums not sympathising with her.

4 Responses to “i think most people find their lives boring, and work breaks up the tedium of their lives. some will go to football matches.”

  1. MELewis Monday April 1, 2019 at 9:07 am #

    I have never understood the attraction of watching any kind of sport. Would far prefer to practice one myself!

    • alifesgayventure Monday April 1, 2019 at 9:17 am #

      i wonder if it is a men thing. it seems to attract mainly men . whenever i see football supporters in the tube, or on the streets, they are all men. no women at all.

      • MELewis Monday April 1, 2019 at 9:50 am #

        I have met a few women who say they are huge supporters of a particular team so they do exist. Definitely a fringe group!

      • alifesgayventure Monday April 1, 2019 at 10:57 am #

        ah, they might say they support the team, but would they attend every match of theirs and follow them faithfully all year?

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