perks to living in london

5 Apr

london 12.05pm 13C sunny friday 2019

5.16pm 12C cloudy

7.29pm 11C cloudy. sunset 7.40pm

i have not been out all day and wondering if i should go again to the supermarket, maybe sainsburys, to buy something, usually i  would buy the milkpowder, and the frozen fish, which are still good value for money. the milkpowder especially is the cheapest. i find i use so little of it, that it lasts me 1.5month instead of 3wks. i stopped putting it in my oats, and just use it for my coffee. the frozen fish is about the same price as tesco, but i will buy it from sainsburys because there is a offer of a bonus 50 nectar points for every purchase in sainsburys this week. on the whole sainsburys are more expensive than tesco. whilst i go more often to lidl now to buy my basic foodstuff. though i still go to asda for their toilet paper, still the cheapest . but it is no point going to the sainsburys at late evening, as they dont reduce their food prices at the end of the day. so it looks like i shall be staying in all day and not bother to go out. i like staying in london, but not for all the touristy stuff that abounds here… like the art exhibitions … the van gogh and later in the year the william blake exhibition, touted as the largest exhibition of his works to date. i have long ago not bothered to go see art.

i know, i am in london… the home of the biggest , largest and most famous works of art in public view, and i dont go and see it. people might say what a waste , and maybe scold me for not really using my position living in london to the best advantage. people come from all over the world travelling far and spending lots of money to come here to see these things, and here i am not bothering to go . but that is life isn’t it? i see it so often i am not interested anymore.

instead i just enjoy the small pleasures that living in london, (and any big city) will give  to its inhabitants. and extra unique items that only in london do i see offered to us living here. such as free public transport on trains, buses, tubes for over 60s,

the extremely drastic slashing of food prices at the end of the day by the supermarkets(i have never seen this in any city anywhere in the world). also dont forget there is no vat on fresh food, so that it makes these fresh foods very cheap. and helped by lidl and aldi with their changing  6 items of low priced foods every week. and the basic items in other supermarkets that have low prices. 

free food and coffee offers  and such like offered by restaurants as they open new branches, or promote their businesses.

free newspapers with special offers with coupons like the £1.99 beefburgers and fries from macdonalds, or subway (the food chain) offers.

then there is the free libraries, where can borrow books to my hearts content or read the newspapers free.

also the free wifi that is available all over london , so it is easy to get online free anywhere in the city.

and vast network of buses and tubes so that it is very quick to go anywhere using public transport. and hardly any long waiting times either, as they come so quickly and at such short intervals.

then there are the surprise finds in the recycling bins of really useful items for the household. i dont know anywhere in the world where u can find this perk, i have furnished my flat using the finds that i rescue from the recyling bins over the years.

and dont forget the tv . very watchable and interesting programs from the bbc and commercial networks that do not require a paid subscription. though u could say the bbc is a paid subscription as the annual license fee is compulsory so that is not free. but if u are renting a room, you dont need to pay that , as it is the landlord who will pay it. but you could argue that it is paid for in the rent. haha. mustn’t forget the huge amount of flowers and plants that people grow in london, you dont need to go to the countryside to see them, and enjoy them close up and right by where u live. spring especially will find lots of flowering plants right in the heart of london where u live, you dont have to go far to see it and feel it even. there are so many public gardens, every housing estate has one or even more, where the gardens will have changing plants growing with the seasons. 




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