croissant from waitrose

8 Apr

london 11C 12.08pm cloudy monday 2019

Digital StillCamera

this is the croissant sold in waitrose,95p which i just got this morning. i went back to the pimlico store, and last time i went i did not see any , but now i see them. i realise when i went there last time it was late afternoon and they were all sold out. so i finally got to taste it and it is very flaky but is it worth 2.5x the lidl’s croissant? no not really haha. in fact i prefer the lidl croissant because it is more crunchy. so not only is it 35p, it is much nicer. 

but these are free to me, i was using the waitrose gift card. and there will be more chances to buy another 3 croissants each day with the chance of getting the free coffee with each purchase . so i am looking forward to those days.

i have discovered that instead of using a coffee cup for the waitrose free coffee, i can use my thermos flask for the coffee and it keeps the coffee warm too. and i can seal it and there is no danger of it spilling, unlike the coffee cup which is not seal proof. so i dont have to keep holding it upright which is what i have to do if i use a coffee cup.

so this gift card from the john lewis is proving to be worth it after all. haha. in the past when they give me a voucher for a free coffee and cake in their cafe, it was a once only treat. this one gives me lots more treats.

life is very nice now. full of these little pleasures. and i appreciate them all the more since suffering so much health problems earlier. things are stabilising now with my body getting back into equilibrium and returning to near normal function.

yesterday, i was at the waitrose near the paddington library, and bought a pack of 5bagels, new york bagels, 65p, reduced from £1.60. and got a coffee from that purchase using the gift card.

in the library, there was a old woman sitting next to me and she was drinking milk, and i asked her if she would like a bagel. she said yes, and when i handed over the pack of bagels for her to pick one,she asked if she can have two. i had eaten one and did not like it that much, it was quite hard, it is meant to be hard and chewy, so i was glad she wanted to take two off my hands. they are very filling so if u are very hungry they are better than croissants. 

later when i got back, i toasted one of the bagels and much prefer it that way. bagels are an acquired taste i think. i prefer my bread light and fluffy and crunchy that is why i like croissants better than all the other bread or cake-like snacks. waitrose sells a lot of other bread like snacks, and i might try them, rather than stick to croissants.


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