supermarket shopping

10 Apr

london 9.01pm 8C dry night wednesday 2019

today is really very sunny and blue sky bright so unlike yesterday. looking back on the day, i realised it did not change my behaviour, i did not stop everything and go out and lie in the sun to take full advantage of the nice weather. its funny that, one would think i would take every chance i get to sit out in the sun when it is sunny, seeing that you cannot take for granted that it will be sunny tomorrow, and especially since i have experienced yesterday which was so rainy and overcast. instead of staying in the sun, i went to the library, borrowed a book of short stories, ‘the wandering earth’ by cixin liu.

and then i went to the sainsburys nearby. it was the last day i can get bonus points for the nectar card, that is why i went. to buy something … i got milkpowder, because i know i can always use it, and i bought some more bananas. i am eating a lot of them these days to keep myself regular.

and then, later in the evening, at about 7pm i went to the tesco to see if they have any food bargains. i bought some more stuff… about £2.50 worth, so even when i splash out, the bill remains small. so what did i actually buy?

beansprouts 50p normal price

reduced price lactose free yogurt arla (that is the brand name)500  400mg 38p. its quite nice, in fact i have finished it. dont understand that thing about lactose free. it is made of milk.added 11.4.19 thursday . i had been thinking about how quick i finished off this carton of yogurt, i thought it was 500mg, and i was thinking how come the 1kg yogurt i used to buy took me so long to finish… until i had another look at the carton, and realised it is only 400mg. they were originally selling it for £1.50, so it is expensive really, if u come to think of it. yet £1.50 is about the price level of yogurts in the supermarkets. and it is the amounts that varies and that fools you into buying.  you can get an inkling of how they are able to make so much profits and people buy it because they are all selling it at this level.

preserved meats reduced price 50p kabanos, some kind of polish sausages 200mg

bread baguette reduced price 21p

greens 54p normal price

2apple turnover reduced price 40p. they got cream in them. this one i got tempted. i ate one already, the other i shall have for breakfast tomorrow.

i had thought of making stir fried char kuey teoh with the bean sprouts but when i got back simon had come back and was going to cook steak and boiled potatoes and green beans, so i had that instead. 

and then on tv they have two programs about supermarkets. one called secrets of the supermarkets,(trying to find food trends in the pop up restaurants in the street food eating places and adapting them to sell in their supermarket)  and the other about tesco, a short history of how it started as a cheap -and -pile- it- high business, and then it decided to go upmarket to compete with sainsburys and succeeded when it overtook it to become no 1 in uk. then it took a profit tumble in the first decade of the new century, and is now trying to overcome the aldi and lidl factors, both brands relying on the cheap but not pile it high approach that is a variant of what tesco started with. 

i am very glad there is aldi and lidl, they started in germany, because the germans dont care about making shopping pleasant, but focus solely on price. and luckily these two companies decide to expand into uk and it took them a long time to succeed. but they kept on and now their time has come. we are now realising we just want things cheap, rather than stick to tesco or sainsburys where they fix the prices and dont ever reduce them much. now we have an alternative choice , we can shop at lidl or aldi. it reminds me of primark, and how it broke up the cartel of old department stores who can fix the prices for clothes and fashion. recently there was a lot of news of primark opening their largest store in birmingham. we hear so much of how internet shopping have killed the department stores, but primark have no online presence, so how come they are able to thrive hey? and still price their goods so low. 

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