11 Apr

london 7.31pm 9C dry sunny thursday 2019

i have been enjoying eating the bean sprouts i bought yesterday, i made a stir fried char kuey teoh, using the dried vermicelli noodles that i have soaked in hot water yesterday. they have all night to dry out in the fridge so when stir fried their dry texture makes for a good fried dish. and i used some of the polish kabanos sausages which gives it a nice flavour. there are lots of different ways of cooking, so that it is a very pleasant pastime to decide what to eat and how to cook it. and then there is the actual eating it, another pleasure. 

i had thought of going to tesco again for the bargains , it is that time to go if i want to go, but i decided i shall not. there is the danger of buying stuff i dont want just because it is reduced. you can waste money that way.

instead i am watching snow white and the huntsman. it is another remake of the old snow white fairy tale, but this one is quite a big variation of the old story.  i have seen it before, but not to completion. i find i dont sit still enough to make it to the end. that is the trouble with tv movies, it makes those of us with short attention spans, and impatient nature to skip and change channels. anyway it is a nice thing to watch, lots of action, and the colours and scenery and costumes all make for a good viewing. 

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