croissants and meaningless books

14 Apr

london 8.18pm 7C dark now sunday 2019

simon said he is quite cold in the flat. i dont feel it, so i think he might be coming down with the flu or something. he said he had the runs , so that sounds like he is coming down with something. i hope that the runs got rid of the toxins and he will feel better now. the body has its ways of getting rid of a bad meal or poisonous waste products. so i hope he is on the mend. he said he warmed up a carton of soup but did not make it hot. so that might be the reason for the runs. 

i myself am getting better. 

on the bus to the library in paddington this morning it was really full and it was due to a large group of young people from europe, they got off at victoria, and later on my way back a large group of europeans students boarded the bus at victoria. i wonder whether they belong to the same group or what. i could not recognise any of them from the morning group, but seeing they left at victoria and then this group boarded it in the same area, i would guess they are the same group.  is it the time of year when all the europeans organise school trips to london? or are they all doing it before the uk leave and make such school trips more problematic.  they really fill up the bus, trooping upstairs and fill it up and then proceeding to fill up the bottom deck. i left before they left the bus, so i dont know where they came from. perhaps from vauxhall, as there is a large high rise tower block of  student accommodation there.

added mon 15.4.19 i read that there will be a huge demonstration all over uk today by the climate change activist, to disrupt london especially . there are a lot of young people in it, and i wonder if these huge numbers of young europeans that i see are here to attend that demonstration. it seems they intend to demonstrate over 3days to disrupt london. they do that by sitting on the middle of the road, or bridge, blocking it. 

this morning,i got a pleasant surprise at waitrose, the branch near the paddington library. i saw they have reduced their bakery goods by 20%, so the croissants are reduced from 95p to 76p, so i bought one to eat with the free coffee. in fact yesterday i went into the waitrose in vauxhall to see if they have reduced their bakery goods , it was about 7pm, when i was on the way to the tesco to buy the reduced stuff, and saw this 20% reduction, which i thought was what they would reduce at the end of the day… but this morning when i saw they are still reduced so early, i think it must be a promotion by them. whether they limit it to only at weekends, and tomorrow they will revert to the normal pricing; i shall find out tomorrow. but it is still pricey, when lidl sells croissants for 35p, and if not for my gift card i would not be buying it. 

added mon 15.4.10 12.57pm 14C sunny. today the croissants are still 76p. so it looks like this price is here to stay. 

i am finding it hard going with the books i borrowed from the library. it is the book by mohammed sanif and cixin liu. both are unreadable. i hope it is not early onset dementia on my part that i find i can read the words but they are meaningless to me. there dont seem to be any logic in the string of words to convey meaning. the cixin liu books are translated from the chinese, and i wonder if the translators have just done that literally… wrote the english translation directly translating from the chinese without trying to make sense of it. anyway i am giving up on them. those chinese stories seem to have won chinese prizes too. so maybe it is the translation that is at fault… or it is just me… it has gone over my head. i wonder if others too find it difficult to get the story. 

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