climate activists, but life is normal for me.

15 Apr

london 6.47pm 11C sunny monday 2019

saw this just now in the news, about a fire at notre dame in paris. quite a big fire from the video showing it. hope it is not done by those climate activists, which have said they intend to demonstrate in a lot of cities as well as london. but to burn down the cathedral seems a bit drastic. latest news shows the spire of the cathedral toppling. it seems it is due to the renovation works. i have noticed fire seem to be very common when these old things undergo long needed restoration. i wonder why is that they catch fire so easily. 

here they broke the plate glass window of the shell headquarters. 

here we got the disruption by the climate activists , though it did not affect me at all. i can see the buses are not going any further and ending in victoria, but since that was where i was going it was not a bother. then after the library, i took the train to balham, it was a direct train only 4stations away, and then from there i took the tube two stops to tooting broadway where the aldi and lidl are. there was a poundland and i bought disposable 5razors for £1. not sure if it will be sharp enough, last time i bought razors they were not sharp. coming back i took the tube, as it drops me off at pimlico, and i took the c10 which was not affected by the demonstration back to my flat.

added 16.4.19 i found out that the last time i bought razors , it was £1 for 8. no wonder they were not sharp. this one at 5 for £1 is sharp enough. i have used one to test it. so might be worth buying some more. but it seems generally if i just buy 5 for £1 i should be ok. they are supposed to be disposable, presumably used once only, but for me i can use them quite a lot of times  and they still remain sharp. this is because i dont really have that much hair on my face to shave off.

i suppose a lot of people will be inconvenienced by the disruption to traffic and movement by those climate activists. not sure what they hope to achieve by this action. 


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