18 Apr

london 11.18am 17C sunny thursday 2019

being a john lewis member you get offers from them every 3months. last quarter, i got a gift voucher of £5 to use in waitrose, and that was real useful, as i was able to buy a croissant and get the free coffee each time. i still have another two free croissant and coffee treats to go before the £5 voucher is used up. this time i got in the post their offer of a free coffee and cake in their cafe in the oxford st store. so this one is a one off treat. there was another coupon that gives me a free coffee but only if i buy a cake so i wont be using that. well, these treats are quite nice to have.

in the meantime there is life to enjoy. it is sunny out there, and i might go out and sit in the sun. the forecast is for lots of sun and high temperatures over the easter weekend. and tomorrow there is the free burito for breakfast at tortilla, the cafe in victoria.

it is also the start of the easter holidays which must please a lot of commuters, as they wont have to suffer the disruption by the climate activists.

it has affected the westend businesses who are complaining that people are not coming to the westend and they have suffered a drop in earnings. and they are criticising the mayor of london for supporting the activists. the holidays will be a reprieve for commuters, but businesses will still suffer from the disruption that the activists are forecasting for the westend with their continued action. certainly i myself have not gone to the westend because of this disruption. it is possible that local shops have gained from this… as more people shop locally than go far afield. 


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