sunny in london

20 Apr

london 3.57pm 23C (high of 26C) dry sunny saturday 2019

its been lovely weather these two days. yesterday i went again to tortilla, for their free burito breakfast and coffee.

so filling. after eating it, i thought no more till a week at least. cant face another burito . haha.

i thought there might be fewer people queueing ,seeing it is a bank holiday, good friday, but no, lots of guys wearing hi vis jackets, like they have just come from a building site.  word have spread amongst the builders.

there will be another friday to look forwrd to before it ends.

its saturday now, and for me, there is nothing to do. there is plenty of things going on, but does not interest me.

ian is coming to visit me, he had just come back from a holiday in lanzarote, the northern part, which he said was rather windy and so quite cold, they have to put on jackets but he said it was still quite enjoyable, for the restful holiday, without any crowds, as the northern part is less crowded than the southern part.

to me, it seemed deserted, none of his photos show any other people, and no shops or restaurants either. and lava ground instead of white beaches.

now i see that spain is raining, which would really miff me if i were holidaying there, esp when i see it is so sunny and rainless in london. 


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