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22 Apr

london 7.03pm 21C cloudy easter monday 2019

its been a high of 25C but i have been indoors most of the time. only went out once to the tesco to see what they got reduced. got some veg, 3 for £1 and they were onions, and 2 heads of cauliflowers. at 33p each they are rather good value. 

Digital StillCamera

cake 69p reduced price, i dont buy cake but got tempted by this one. yogurt 1kg £1

some of the things i bought. it is easter monday and yet all the supermarkets are open. and even on easter sunday when the big supermarkets are closed, all of them, the express branches are all open, and at their usual long hours of opening too from 7am to 10pm. that was how simon was able to buy the ingredients to make a seafood risotto on sunday. one of the nicest things of being in london, where the supermarket opens for our convenience. 

its been very nice and warm over these bank holiday easter, and i have been hearing from john who lives near bournemouth, about his going to the beach at studland bay. its a naked beach and i think the best nudist beach in uk. he said if the weather is this good all the time, he would not bother to go abroad. so he is very influenced by the hot temperature of abroad. i am not affected by hot weather, in fact if anything i dont chose where to holiday by the weather of that country …hot or not. that might explain why i like being in london and content to just enjoy whatever the weather is here. to me everyday is nice weather here, whether it is sun shining or rain. maybe i am not keen on the sun, that is why even this holiday period with its hot sunny days dont tempt me to go out and sit under the sun. in fact, i prefer if it is a cold day but sunny, then sitting out under the sun is very pleasant, whilst now it can get very uncomfortable if i sit out too long. 

i think how you view the sun or anything really seem to depand on your mind. if u think you need the sun to make you happy, than that is how it will be. the mind and how you think determines how you react to various situations.

jsut now i have an example of it. simon says there is no bread crumbs in the store for him to buy, he wanted to fry chicken, and wants to coat it in bread crumbs first, but since he cannot get it at the store, he said he will have to do without. i said, you can make bread crumbs from the bread we have. he said it is not the same, because the bread need to be stale. well, he is wrong of course, but i figured we dont have a lot of bread in the freezer, and i only just recently bought a loaf of seeded bread cheap because it expires today, so you could say it is stale bread.  but i dont want him to use it up, as i bought it to eat as bread and not as crumbs on chicken. haha. so i kept quiet and let him continue to believe in what he believes. 

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