waste not

24 Apr

london 5.14pm 15C dry wednesday 2019

there is a pop up cafe giving away free food that they make from waste food. it sounds awful doesn’t it? waste food.  but they mean using veggies that may not be at their best. it is near goodge st, and so i took the  bus 24 there. and found out that they have changed the route of the bus 24.

used to be tottenham court road is a one way 2 lane road, now they make it both ways, and restrict traffic to only one lane. when i was there at about 11.30am it was freely moving, but on the way back, the lane going north was at a standstill, whilst the bus i was on going south had the road practically to itself.  in the past cars can over take the buses when they stop at the bus stops, and so there is no blockage. now all of them are stuck behind each other in that one lane.

they will need to change the stop lights setting to give more time for the north bound traffic to move.

anyway this free food, we are only allowed to chose one of the 4 choices;  there were two main dishes, a chicken with herb cream sauce , and a veggie curry. and two desserts. it was sponsored by emlea , they sell cream, so i thought they would use lots of cream in those dishes but strangely, my chicken dish was very dry… not a lot of creamy sauce. there must be a whole chicken breast there, so i cannot imagine how that could be a waste food. unless it is close to its sell by date and that is how they donated it to this kitchen.

anyway, there were plenty of pots of cream on the table, and i wish i had taken one now. it would be nice to use it with my porridge. haha.

the bus route change is a good thing, in that it shortened the route 24 on the way south and avoid a large traffic jam. but it seemed to have created another even bigger jam on the north bound route. these route changes are very rare. in fact, this is the first time i see it and i have lived here in london a very long time.

all the buses are running as normal through the centre of town now, except the marble arch area as the police are herding them onto that instead of blocking other parts. they still delay the traffic a bit by temporarily blocking the road for 5mins at a time. there are a lot more policemen about so that might be the reason why they can stop those guys from sitting on the road and blocking it. 

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