food and diet control for gout

25 Apr

london 6.43pm 15C sunny thursday 2019

i have been cooking the cauliflower that i bought so much of and i seem to have lost the knack of making them tasty. i dont know why, but so far the veggie dishes i have created are very bland , tasteless. in the past i would put in some meat, and that seem to perk it up and make it tasty, but now i decided not to, and everything is tasteless . i dont know what happened because in the past i have cooked veggie without meat and it has been tasty.

i am trying to remember what i did. the only difference that i can see is that i steamed the veggie, or boil them now, whereas before i would stir fry them. can that be the reason why they dont taste so good now? its possible, because i would stir fry with garlic, ginger and onions, and somehow stir frying those seem to bring out their flavour and infuse the veggie with it.

the trouble is i am trying to use less ginger and garlic, as the upstairs neighbour has complained about the smell of garlic. she says she is pregnant which makes her hypersensitive to smells, though the time she complained, it was because i burnt the garlic, and the smell lingered in the flat, as i have the windows closed and it must have seeped up into her flat through the gaps in the ceiling. now i always remember to open the windows and let the cross ventilation clear the flat of any smells whenever i cook garlic . and try not to over cook them or burn them and i am using fewer garlic too. 

added 8.22pm 13C i have just come back from the tesco. i did not really need anything, and i nearly bought a pack of 4 breaded chicken, reduced to 70p , but when i read the label, to see whether they need cooking, i saw they require oven cooking and they only have 64%chicken. so i put them back. i have said i m not eating meat, but i find that if i am careful to eat fewer meat, i can still eat them, without bringing on the symptoms of gout. i find it difficult to not have meat at all. 

i bought 3bananas for 43p, they are cheaper if u buy them loose, rather than take their prewrapped bunches. all those plastics and still cost more.

then i remembered i only got one frozen fish left in the freezer, so i bought their basic frozen fish for £2.18 for 540mg. it seems i can eat white fish, though mackerel and salmon are in the forbidden list. though if i can get those two  on reduced prices, i would buy them as i think occasionally it is ok to eat them.

the fact that i can just control the gout by diet alone seems to suggest that as we get older, our kidneys and other organs dont work so efficiently. that might also explain why some people can control their diabetes 2 by diet alone. it appeals to me to control by diet alone rather than by drugs. and as long as u are quite strict with yourself, you can afford to indulge a bit with diet.

for eg, i dont add suger to my coffee or tea, nor drink sugery drinks, but occasionally i do eat cakes, and biscuits and chocolates. not often though. 

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