28 Apr

london 5.33pm 14C sunny sunday 2019

the london marathon has been going on today, and i suppose must be ending soon. wait, i read in the online news there is a winner, someone i have not heard of  and it is not whatisname who came fifth. i have to google whatisname as i forgot it at this moment. i vaguely read somewhere that whatisname is involved in some thing that tarnish his name. i dont know what the detail is really and not really interested. (oh, it is mo, but i still cannot remember what else his name)

there have been quite a number of restaurants in london offering free meal to any participant in the marathon, as long as they show their medal to prove they are running in it.

its a very long run, this marathon… with the route doubling back on itself twice. i wonder if it is tempting to take a short cut haha. but it has not affected the buses i take to get to the paddington library. and even the buses to the westend are not affected if i take them from the library. though i did not fancy going to the westend, so it did not matter even if they are affected.

its quite a nice day for a run. not too hot, in fact it is quite cool. i am sure there must be plenty of people going to the routes and watching it , but london is so big, there are lots of others who dont bother with it, and go about their normal lives doing what they always do and so there is still lots of busy bustle away from the running routes.

people like me. doing our own thing and carrying on with living. haha. i found a pack of 8sausages in waitrose 454mg for 45p, quite a bargain and so i bought it, and got myself a free coffee too. and came back to have a lovely lunch of fried sausages and fried fresh tomatoes. i had thought to accompany it with an egg, but got too lazy and it was still very nice even without the egg. these sausages are really very good, hardly any oil come out of them. they are 65% pork, but i am really surprised why there is not more oil … in fact, i added some oil in the pan before i cooked them, and the oil got absorbed inside them… usually with cheaper sausages they ooze a lot of oil as they cook, so that in the end they are swimming in it. these are the waitrose essential sausages, so it is the cheaper range they sell, and yet they dont ooze so much oil. i wonder how they do it. they are quite pricey at normal prices (£1.98 4.37/kg)

added. i thought they are expensive, but i googled other basic sausages prices and found that tesco’s basic sausages  53% pork sausages cost £1.61per kg. (681mg 12sausages for £1.09, 72.6p for 454mg) but i am not comparing like for like, because these are 65%pork. and they cost about similar to what the other supermarkets are selling. i think if i find anymore being reduced like this, i would not hesitate to buy them again, because i think they are very good. (but now i have looked at tesco prices , i am surprised that their value sausages are quite cheap. but i have to warn you that sometimes you dont get these prices that i found in their website in the store. next time i go to tesco i must find out what their sausages are priced. but i can tell you i have not seen any of their woodside farm sausages on sale in the kennington lane store near me and that is a superstore.)

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