another reason not to bother with home delivery

29 Apr

london 11.34am 12C sunny monday 2019

saw this , about a man who was refused his home delivery because of sainsbury’s challenge 25 policy, which wants you to prove you are over 25, before you can get your food. this man did not have any ID, and so did not get his food. he did not even order any alcohol or cigarettes, but it seems this policy include any shopping.

i have never used home delivery, because i never order from online supermarkets, so did not know they have this policy. i dont like to order online because of having  to wait at home for the man to come and this policy makes it even more unlikely i shall change and order online.

i think it is stupid of sainsburys  to include all food items , and not just alcohol and cigarettes, but i guess they dont want to make each delivery person having to check all the items of every person they serve just to find out if they have alcohol or cigarettes, so they just blanket impose the policy on everyone… though i personally think they should impose it on each delivery person just so no underage person can get away with looking older than 25 and buying alcohol or cigarettes online. (also what is to stop them getting their parents or a old looking friend to open the door to the delivery man hey?)and rely on the delivery person to use his discretion.

unfortunately, some of these delivery persons are lazy and just ask people whenever they feel like it. or if they want to make trouble because you dont give them a tip before, or they just dont like  you, this is a way to make life a bit difficult for you. and i think that is the case with the person in the article. he looks over 25 to me, and he did not buy any alcohol or cigarettes. also using 25 as a break off point is silly when the drinking and buying cigarettes age is 18yrs. but i guess it is again a matter of judging how old a person can look. and taking 25 is a arbitary point . 

and someone did point out that it discriminates against a young person who have set out on his/er own and left home, from ordering food from sainsburys online. but then you could argue such a young person may not have credit cards to be able to order such things online anyway.

as usual this rule inconvenience everyone just to make sure those young people cannot drink or smoke. it is like that porn verification law that has come in, so forcing all of us adults to prove age. it will be implemented in july i hear, but dont know how we can get verified . it will most probably cost us money.

added 8.14pm 13C dry (sun has set but it is still very light). earlier today i went to upton park , it is east london, to buy chilli, but the market was not on. it seems it is closed on monday. opens tomorrow though. so you can say this is one reason not to shop by travelling to the shops. haha. now if i got online shopping, this wont happen. true. so which method you use for your shopping will depand on your likes and dislikes. i dont mind going there today and not finding it open. it just means i shall learn not to go there on a monday. but the other reasons for why i go there still apply; reasons like it is cheaper than buying in the supermarkets, esp for  chillis, ginger, garlic. and fruits or veg in season later on when summer is here. 

i was at the tesco just now, looking for bargains. none to be had, but i saw the sign saying 3 for £1 on the veggie shelf, and i bought leeks, cauliflower, and cabbage as my three veggie. but when i went through the checkout, the machine charged me £1 each for them and not deduct the savings. so i called the helper, and he told me the leeks are not included. this really irritates me, i said why have the leeks put there if they are not included in the offer? i told him to cancel all three. it is the 2nd time i have been misled by them. i have a good mind to take down that sign and tear it up for being so misleading. is it deliberate on their part just because many would not have noticed, or would still buy the veg at the higher price. or they are hoping they would for whatever reason. one possible reason would be not holding  up the checkout queue, as they will have to wait for the helper to come and then he have to one by one, and going through a number of steps before he can erase all 3 items. if everyone does that it would really cause a big back up. but i hope that will make them stop doing this misleading notice and just deal honestly with their customers instead of doing underhand tricks like this.  this is tesco, it is big enough and i am surprised it has to resort to this kind of trickery. are they so desperate these days to screw any which way to part us with our cash?

it reminds me i must go to lidl more often really instead of being tempted by their reductions, which nowadays i dont see a lot of anymore. esp since this time i bought some bananas, i noticed they are thin and long, instead of fat and long like in lidl, so they weigh more because they got more skin than flesh. definitely i get better shaped and more fruit in the bananas in lidl. but out of sheer convenience i have been buying my bananas at tesco… no more that is for sure. 

added. 9.29pm.12C i forgot that i found a chair just there on the pavement near my flat. i passed by and then turned tail and went back to pick it up. i was wondering what to do with it and then i remembered that the kitchen chair that simon had been sitting has got loose joints and is shaky. so i replaced it with this chair. it is quite a nice chair and he said did i get it to let him have a nice seat whilst he is watching the snooker. he watches it on his laptop in the kitchen. i asked him if the chair is comfy, and he said yes. so it turned out quite useful that chair. i shall take a picture of it in the morning. 

added here is the pic

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