free doughnut

30 Apr

london 6.24pm 17C sunny tuesday 2019

there is another freebie, today. this is a doughnut van in finsbury avenue square , near liverpool st, giving away their doughnuts for one hour at lunch time to publicise their new site there. steve and a malaysian regular was there, ahead of me, in front of the queue. they had lots of different doughnuts in the display case, but one caught my eye, the apple crumble doughnut. 

Digital StillCamera

so that was it in the picture.

i ate half of it before i took the pic. i brought the doughnut home to eat with coffee. its quite nice of course, and i like the apple pieces inside but it is rather too sweet for me. so i was glad i got coffee to wash it down.

earlier in the day, when i got the doughnut ( i took the tube to upton park to get the chillis. i have not been there on a tuesday before and the prices were higher than when i was there last time on a thursday, that was in jan.  in that there were fewer chillis in the bowl, the ginger was £2.45/kg instead of £2. but i dont know whether it is just this time of year that the prices are higher, or some market scarcity of those  chillis and garlic… or that it is a tuesday. i think it is a market price flunctuation and scarcity. though this is spring i expect more chillis growing but i think they buy them from china , and who knows what the weather is in china now. i love fresh chillies mixed with soya sauce and vinegar. they are so much better than any bottle chilli sauce you can buy. 

i did see cucumber 4 for £1, they were not wrapped in plastic, whcih is good, but it did make u see how wrinkled the cues were… i did not buy any. so that is a downside, because it seems they age quicker and loose their water quicker without the plastic cuff…maybe we have to reconcile ourselves and jsut to attain  a longer life for the cucumbers lets cover them in plastic… what say you? no point leaving it out and then find no one buys them when they get wrinkled and you are left with so much wrinkled cues that u have to throw them away… now that would defeat the good intentions. so much for trying to be a do gooder . now you see having the best intentions can be not so good after all. 


2 Responses to “free doughnut”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday May 1, 2019 at 6:06 am #

    That is an awesome Apple Doughnut with literally apple chunks which is nice! I always marvel at the nice freebies you get and wish Singapore businesses was as generous to us. But they do not believe in it. Most bakeries even throw out instead of offering discounted prices end of day. Some do donate to homes for next day’s breakfast.

    • alifesgayventure Wednesday May 1, 2019 at 6:55 am #

      i think the uk must be the only country where they do this. reduce prices when the sell by date comes. i thought why should people buy at the normal price when they know it will be reduced at the end of the day? one korean eating place even tell you they will progressively reduce the prices after 2pm and tell you when they will reduce to the biggest discount 50%. it seems to me they got the best of both worlds, the huge lunch time trade at normal prices, and then the follow up bargain hunters later to finish off the food. here in uk, or at least in london, it does not seem to affect normal business.

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