labour day

1 May

london 8.27pm 14C dry wednesday 2019

i think there might be a march in the westend today, it being labour day. but it is not a public holiday here in uk so everyone who is working, will be working instead of having the day off like in most other countries. here , they postpone the holiday to the coming monday. and they call that day early may holiday. i wonder why they dont call it labour day holiday. i remember in the past they used to call it labour day. i wonder when they stopped calling it that. 

it is  almost as if uk dont want to celebrate that day. perhaps because in the past it has always been a day of troubles. i googled it  and it seems there is riots in paris today.

my only mix up  with the demonstrators was when i was waiting for  the bus outside the tesco in kennington, and a double decker bus with an open top  full of people carrying banners and such came by and later when i pass by in the bus, i saw they had stopped just one stop away outside a school, and were demonstrating outside the school gates. i wonder why they targetted that school, it was the lillian baylis school. it is a technology school for 11-19 year olds. and what has it done to provoke a demostration outside this school i wonder? maybe it is the school holidays and the school is empty and so they were only using it as a meeting point perhaps, to start their march to parliament square or trafalgar square; or are they saying its technology is destroying jobs and their livelihood? ah well, i suppose i should be reading about them in the news tomorrow. 

in the meanwhile i am enjoying my day. i spend it shopping, first early in the morning to chinatown to stock up on groceries, oystersauce and black soya sauce, and frozen fish balls and dried noodles. and then later to the tesco to buy their 3 for £1 veg. i found out in their website that it only applies to cauliflower, cabbage and onions, but i allready got onions, so i bought two cauli, and a cabbage to make up to 3, and got them for £1. it is a good price.

then, later in the day again, i went to the library to get the free book of the month that london is promoting. they chose a book and then provide it free for everyone to read and then i think they get the author and other celebrities to read it in book gatherings and talk about it. this month it is ‘sofia khan is not obliged’, by ayisha malik.

 watching a tv program called earth from space, and showing the rape seed (i wonder when someone will be calling for this name to be changed) bloom that covers china and can be seen from space. and they were showing two men bringing their bees to the fields for them to gather the pollen to make honey. and they have to do it quick before the farmers spray pesticides on the flowers. rapeseed oil is very plentiful, i use it for my cooking, and they are fairly cheap. there is a special offer now where you can get 5liters for £3.75 £3.50.


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