2 May

london 5.27pm 13C light rain thursday 2019

i have read about local elections happening today and the fear that people will not vote conservative to punish the govt for not bringing brexit in time. but here i am in westminster, and we dont have this election. so it seems it is happening elsewhere in the country. 

but even if there is a local election for westminster,  my view is that local elections dont have any bearing on general elections. we, and i mean myself, are not going to vote out a conservative council that has been doing a good job with our rates, to bring in a fly-by -night opposition that can ruin the budget and spend like crazy and saddle us with debt for ever to come.added. 4.5.19. looks like the results showing the conservatives lost 1300 seats it would seem many people will change their vote just to protest. though the message is unclear. are they protesting at the main stream parties for not bringing in brexit, or are they voting in lib dems to show they are for remain, and want a party that says it will keep us in the EU. we cannot remain, as majority has voted to leave. even though the margin is about 10%, democracy dictates that we have to abide by the majority. 

though, this morning  i got a letter with a polling card for 23rd May EU elections. it says i dont need to bring that card when i go to vote so i dont know why they send it to me, unless it is to tell me i am eligible to vote in that election. 

so it looks like we will be having the EU elections, or rather the authorities who send out polling cards believe it will be held, meaning they dont believe that theresa May will be  successful in her talks with labour to get her plans passed.

it will be a curious election, because those elected will not be able to serve their whole term, and even if they do sit in the EU parliament, they can use  their votes to block laws, or even bring about laws that uk will never need to follow once we leave. farage who heads the brexit party has threatened they will disrupt business if elected.

it is all a waste of money really. but then that might be the price we pay for democracy. we have to go through the motions. 

added 7.05pm i had a fright today, in that i left my hoodie on the bus. and it got all my cards in it. my waitrose card, library card, etc. but luckily the bus was terminating and so when i retraced my steps to catch up with it, it was still waiting at the bus stop, with the driver inside resting. i am so glad i got my hoodie back, and resolved never to take it off even if it is hot as hell like it was today in the bus. hot is relative, because it was quite cool outside the bus. it is a timely reminder to wear the darn thing always. 

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