coffee and cheesecake

3 May

london 4.49pm 13C sunny friday 2019

i have just come back from having coffee and cheesecake at the john lewis 5th floor canteen at their oxford st store. i used the voucher for it so i get it free. on the way up there was an old lady also going there, and she too have a voucher. it is valid from 1 May. its a nice treat.

on the way down in the escalator i saw one of the floors was the kid’s floor and they are selling croc shoes. many people say they are a fashion disaster, but i actually like them, and would like to have one, but all the sizes are kids sizes. they dont sell adult sizes anywhere anymore. at least i have never seen them being sold in adult shoe stores. they are quite pricey even the kids shoes, about £26.

they are made of plastic so i guess they too will come under plastic pollution and be condemned i bet as a pollution item.

yet they are ideal for walking in a wet warm country (i am thinking of a country like malaysia, one in the tropics, where it is warm, (and so u can wear them without socks and any rain water can drain from them, as they are full of holes aren’t they?) and prone to rain, and floods, and also great for trekking in the countryside where u might have to wade through rivers and streams.

i googled them and it seems you can buy them online for £33 adult size, £19 kids size. but another website are selling these but not the croc brand for £6, £10. i think of them, but i doubt i will buy them. haha. i will continue to wear flip flops. 


added 5.27pm light raining now, 13C

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