some more freebies

4 May

london 2.22pm 10C sunny saturday 2019

i got another free doughnut today. steve emailed me with the information that the same company that gave me free doughnut yesterday is opening in islington today too and they are giving away free doughnuts. so i went there very early, and was amongst the first few. i chose the apple crumble doughnut again, because i like it. i did not see steve or the malaysians in the queue. but they have till 2pm to join in.

i was chatting to the others in the queue while we waited for it to open. i was thinking to myself we are all queueing here because it is free but i wonder who would buy these doughnuts, since they cost £5 each, £4 if u buy 6. but luckily i did not voice it, haha. because one of those in the queue said she might order one for someone they know who is not in the queue and pay it. so people are willing to pay those prices.

perhaps i am still old fashioned to think £5 is still a lot of money to pay for a doughnut… to me i can buy a whole chicken and have 4-5meals out of it, or you can buy a whole lunch with that money. but maybe to others, they think of it as it is such a small amount of money because  you can only buy lunch with it and sometimes not even enough to buy lunch. 


it is quite plain on the outside unlike the others. i wonder whether i really like apple pie, and not doughnuts as such. it makes me think i shall make an apple pie if ever i can get bramley apples reduced price cheap. they make excellent fillings because they have a sourness to them that goes well with suger, and they dont have much water in them so that the pie is not too watery.

it hailed little balls of ice when i was coming back at trafalgar square. even though it is supposed to be 10C.

i was at the victoria library earlier and there was a notice about free comics to be given today… so i asked the librarian where are they and he said he  forgot to take them out of his office, and he went to his office to get them, a small bunch of  3 different comic books donated by forbidden planet, a comic book store.

and he gave them to me, even asking if i want more to give to others. i had a look at them, and even though i took them, i can see it is not something i will like. i prefer the comics of my youth rather than these. the art work does not appeal to me and reading through them, i did not like the storyline either. it is very simplistic. maybe u can say of course they are , because they are for children, but i dont recall it was that simple in the comics i read when i was little. but memory can fool us, and maybe they are simple too. the librarian said nowadays the comics are made to appeal to adults too. the artwork i think is geared to appeal to adults, or they think. though it does not appeal to me and i am an adult. haha. but not the right kind, obviously.

the librarian pointed out to me a display of the comic books held in the library and said it is to tie in with this free comics offer, to let people know of the library collection. i asked him if they have superman and batman comics, and he pointed it out to me, but they dont look like the old comics to me… the artwork is different and not to my liking. i confess i am liking the old comic’s style of art. 

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