missed seeing aladdin

10 May

london 2.24pm 16C sunny friday 2019

i was supposed to be seeing aladdin the film with actors instead of a cartoon film, and had 4 tickets, but when i went there i found out that you are supposed to go a hour earlier . the time they gave me in the ticket coupon was for the time of the film. so when i got there it had allready started and everyone had gone in. ah well just as well no one joined me, otherwise it would be rather a waste of their time. and just as well i let simon sleep on. he was supposed to join me. i felt it was no point waking him up from a nice sleep just to see a film which he was not that keen on seeing in the first place.

i had asked steve and his wife whether they want to join me, but they said they are not into these things. he emailed me earlier today about a free cupcake offer by a cake shop, and i had thought of going but you have to go rather early when they open, and it is too early for me and i think for cupcakes seems not worth the effort. haha. 

i myself was in two minds about seeing this aladdin film. from the trailer it looks like a faithful rendering of the cartoon film starring robin williams as the genie, but using real life actors , with will smith acting the genie. i dont think anyone can better robin williams, so it seems to me pointless to redo this. but disney have been doing it for other cartoon films, and it has been successful for them, so i guess they want to continue with that.

anyway i went to the virgin lounge to while the time away, and enjoy the coffee and the newspapers. they still give out free biscuits, though not as much nor the variety like before; but they dont give out free fruits anymore. 

one of the chinese ladies who go to the free meals like i do, was there and she chatted with me. she told me of her cheap holidays abroad and all the countries she have been. she is discovering the joys of travel. so you can still go travelling cheaply it seems. even to as far as australia, and far east, as well as europe. 


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