one way to spend sunday

12 May

london 2.05pm 16C sunny sunday 2019

4pm 17C sunny

i went as usual on a sunday to the paddington library, and as usual before going into the library i  went to the waitrose nearby, and i saw lots of their sausages reduced to 55p. so i took 5packs and got a free coffee as well. last time i got one pack for 45p, and discovered it is quite  nice sausages and said if they reduce it like this i shall get some more; so this price is a nice one. i shall freeze most of it.

this trip to the library is a pleasant outing for me, an excuse to get out and enjoy the open air. in the past i would go for the newspapers, but now not so much. even though they have got a lot more newspapers. in the past they only order the sunday times, now they got the sunday telegraph , sunday times, and the mail on sunday. i only managed to read the sunday telegraph, the others were taken, and at the end, the mail on sunday was available, but even so  i did not feel like reading it.

coming back, there were lots of families (just women and their children, the husbands are no where to be seen) boarding the bus at paddington station bus stop, who were bearing placards as though they were going to a demonstration, and i saw them gathering at hyde park corner. they were not blocking the road, but the police put a police car across the road to block it anyway.

later, looking at the bus 88 timetable i saw the parliament square area was blocked for buses as there was a march going on for international mother’s day. so i must have seen the start of the march. it was about 12.30pm or so. 

 the uk have its mother day on march 31st this year, but i guess today’s is any excuse to march hey? its something for families to go to, instead of the normal outing to museums and such. its a nice day to go marching. 

Digital StillCamera

tesco has been selling pineapples for 49p each, i bought one yesterday and it is so sweet and delicious, i shall go back and buy another one. haha.

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