good news

14 May

london 3.54pm 18C sunny tuesday 2019

such a beautiful bright sunny blue sky day today. and i got good news too, i went to the see the doctor yesterday who took my biopsy and he told me it is not cancer. so that is really good news.

it seems this prostate hyperplasia is common when we get old. 50% of 50yr old get it . and more get it the older they become. and one of the symptoms is blocked urine. some just get difficulty with pissing and even painful pissing, but it seems i got blocked pissing. and this medicine they gave me tamurex,once a day, is supposed to correct it. i have to take it for life but if it means i dont have to wear a catheter, that is good. though i must admit the catheter has its advantages. haha. 

so the biopsy did  not cause it, just a coincidence that it happened just after the biopsy.

so i have been walking about the area, just enjoying being able to do so and savouring the sights and smells and glad to be alive.

i went to the poke (pronounced po-keh) cafe in victoria st, just to see what it is all about, and saw a long queue of people getting the food, even though they have to pay £1 instead of the normal £8 or so. perhaps that is why there is a long queue, because of such a low price. i had a look inside, and saw what the customers were given. the website shows their bowls, and it looked quite big in the website, but in real life the bowls are quite small, which is a bit disappointing but maybe it is very delicious. i did not join the queue, too long really so i never did find out what it taste like. it is pieces of raw fish, (salmon, or tuna) over a bed of sushi rice, (or greens or coleslaw … you can build your own combination if u like). and add toppings…  ginger pickle, or seaweed, or kimchi. 

added 3.34am 9C wed 15.5.19. high in london yesterday was 19C but it seems lake district went up to 24C. i slept at 8pm, and did not realise it but woke up at 2am. i thought i slept the whole night. forgot that i went to bed at 8pm intending it to be short nap.

so now i am awake at 3am and glad that there is catch up tv, so that i can see the program i missed. both of them are dramas, ’15 years’,(about a family and what they experienced the next 15yrs in the future.) and ‘year and year’ which is played out over the tv  over a few days, rather than weekly episodes.  so it requires quite a lot of patience to sit through it, patience which i have come to realise i dont have. haha.

well, here is what i am seeing, (in ‘year and year’)scene opens on a farmhouse kitchen with lots of people sitting around. they were argueing about their mother leaving evrything to an uncle, and one of the sons saying he will contest the will… and then all the human problems and interactions start coming up. i find i just dont care to sit through it. it might interest many to sit through this drama and watch the secrets and ins and outs of relationships revealed, but i find it rather boring.

you can see why i am not that keen on subscribing to a paid service to see tv programs. or films or box sets. i just dont have the patience to see them all. and i realise why i dont utilise the catch up tv function on my tv even though i get it free. a lot of tv programs which seem to sound quite nice to see, turn out to be quite boring really. at least to me. maybe it is just me, and not the general public.

for eg, there have been so much praise for fleabag, written and acted by this woman, waller-bridge, who won a bafta for writing killing eve, another over the top drama. (it started well but just went do- la- li at the end, it was so improbably the plot, that i gave up watching it, and they are going to shoot another season to follow up. which i wont bother to see, as i know she will be real desperate to find something new. in fact she allready said she wont be doing a 3rd follow up.

fleabag is ok i suppose but maybe it is just me who dont see it as all that great.  the trouble is there is only a limited amount of logical plots they can use, and once that is done they have to bring in more and more impossibly irrational plots just to ramp up the surprise element and excitement and shock value.

and she is hired by the next james bond movie to help with the script. so she seems to be flying high now being in huge demand . 

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  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday May 15, 2019 at 2:11 pm #

    Glad all is good. Take care

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