eurovision pizza

18 May

london 1.54pm 16C cloudy saturday 2019

i went early to queue up for the free pizza offer by baz and fred, unusual name for a pizza stall, in flat iron square. they have these circular ovens to cook the pizza. today they commemorate the eurovision contest, by having a 51 cheese pizza to represent the 51 countries taking part. i myself did not know there are 51 countries. so many. and now even spreading to outside european shores, to include israel and australia.

but anyway i was chatting to a singaporean chinese guy who joined the queue. first time i meet a fellow chinese guy from my part of the world. he studied law here , in uk, then went back and applied to work here and came back. he has been here for 2.5yrs. i have not met a singaporean working here before. most are students here. he says he is not into singaporean food, so did not miss them. he cooks western style foods. and he does not like durians, so he does not miss them either. 

i was surprised when i got two pizzas. there must be some confusion when it came my turn to order. i think the server thought i was ordering for two, because just behind me was the malaysian chinese woman, who i know and is a regular to these freebies and with whom i was chatting ;  and he must have thought i was ordering for her as well. i did not know that was what he thought, because i could not hear him very well, and said yes to everything he said. haha. anyway when the pizza came and he was packing it up, and  the chinese lady ask  if one of it was hers, he said no, it was both for me, he said i ordered two. i was surprised but i am not going to refuse them, now would i? haha. even the singaporean was surprised. i quickly got them and scuttled out as fast i could just in case they changed their minds. haha. it was really lovely, all hot and gooey and crusty… and i ate one whole one on the top of the bus going back.

i had wanted to join steve and his wife to the free icecream he said they were giving out in crouch end, but i lost them, as they left earlier.

but also laden as i was with two packs of takeaway pizza i just want to get them home, and eat them. haha. dont fancy lugging them all over london.  i ate one on the top deck of the bus, where fortunately there were only two guys sitting in the front, leaving the whole back end to myself. i am not sure what the policy is of the buses to eating on the buses, but i try to be discreet so that no one gets offended at me eating. but i can understand eating the pizza whilst they are piping hot. it seems to me it defeats the purpose of it by ordering takeaway and have it delivered, as it will get cold .

it seems they are also offering free 50 pizzas to anyone ordering via deliveroo. not sure how it works. but since i dont have a smartphone i have to go by person to the stall. and i now got to experience eating it hot and fresh from the oven, as well as another to eat later when it is cool.

actually the queue was not long, (only about 10people in the queue when i was there ; surprising), but maybe more joined in later as they were told it starts at 1.30pm when it actually opens at 12.30pm) . at first we were not sure if they were giving out slices of pizzas or whole ones. glad it is whole ones and we dont have to share with others.

they are thin pizzas, that is why it is easy to eat a whole one without effort. and as i thought, the melted 51 cheese …i was unable to distinguish the different flavours. they just taste of cheese, slightly salty taste. 


those ovens are really quick to cook the pizzas. i think for anyone who likes pizzas, they might be worth buying for the home. though if u have them, you will have to eat pizza everyday to make full use of them, and u might get a bit fed up of pizza if u eat it all the time. though i daresay it is a matter of which culture your upbringing. i can eat rice everyday and never feel fed up of it, whereas i know i can never eat hamburger, or pizza or fish and chips, or pasta everyday and not get fed up.

added 7.55pm i reheated a slice of pizza in the microwave, and i can say it is not as nice as that eaten fresh out of the oven. the cheese heated up nicely, but the crust , it lost its crustiness. so i wonder how anyone can eat reheated pizza. i have a ex roommate a long time ago who does it, and seem to prefer left over reheated pizza. now that i have tasted it, and compared with the fresh from the oven pizza, i am even more puzzled why he likes it.


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