i got plenty of time

20 May

london 7.42pm 18C cloudy monday 2019

this morning my email told me one of my books that i borrowed from the library is due for renewal. i can renew online but when i did, i find that the book cannot be renewed, as there was someone else has wanted to borrow it and so has reserved it. this means i have to go to the library to return it today. but i have not finished reading it, so i took it out and began to do so. i have allready read half way, and it was quite quick to finish it in about 2hrs or so. and it was still only about 11am. it was a fantasy novel called truthwitch, by susan dennard. its ok as a novel , at least it interested me enough to want to finish it before i return it.

but i was thinking, i have a luxury that i have that not many people get. i mean i got time. that is something we dont think much of until we are so overworked and got no time to do everything at work. or no time at home to do anything we like, because most of us have things or people that demand our time. but not me. haha.

then when i took the bus to come back, the 360 bus came first and that takes me to vauxhall and i decided to take that as i just decided to go to the tesco to buy sultanas, which i have run out of. so that is what i did, at vauxhall taking the 196 bus to the tesco instead of walking there.

the bus services esp the 196, is much more frequent during weekdays so there is not long to wait for a bus to come. there was no bargains so early at the tesco, so i just bought the sultanas.

it is one of the quirks of marketting, that sultanas in the cake section, (so it is meant to be used for baking) is much cheaper than if u buy it on the other sections. the strange thing is this… other dried fruits similar to sultanas, like raisins for eg, are much more expensive. it always puzzles me why it should be so. both are from grapes. i use my sultanas in my porridge so i like the cheapest i could get. 

there was basmati rice laila rice on a special reduced price of £10 for 10kg. it is not always present on the shelf, as it can get all sold out. but this time, there were plenty of bags of it. i had allready bought one before, and thought of buying another. but when i lifted it to put in my basket, it was so heavy that i changed my mind. i can wait to buy it another time, maybe when i got my shopping trolley with me. there is no hurry to buy another 10kg of rice. 



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