election day for EU, and lots of freebies

23 May

london 2.26pm

i went early to vote. my polling station is just across the street from my flat, it is a infant school. so convenient for me.

then i went to the street food place in st katherines’ wharf, where i got food vouchers last thursday. today they are doing it again, but this time, i forgot to bring my container, but also the chap who gives it out was not there and i was told he only will be giving it out at 12pm. so i decided not to queue up and abandon it. 

so i went on to the free raw meat offer in truman brewery, liverpool st area. this is a company who makes bbq sauces, and wants to advertise it by this promotion. today and tomorrow they are giving away raw meat, two cuts of beef and pork ribs,(you chose one) and they provide cooked steak , cut in pieces for people to dip in the various sauces they have put out, and eat as much as they want over a short period of time before they go on to chose which cut they want, and which sauce they want their meat to be marinated in (i chose the hot and chilli sauce but i think they did not have it, because when i got it back and cook and ate it, it was not chilli hot at all) and then collect the meat put inside a freezer bag. they will put a bottle of their sauce and a t shirt and baseball cap as a gift.

i must say it is a big effort to promote their sauce. 


i have eaten it allready, and it is delicious. i got the rib eye cut. i think it was their original sauce that they marinated it in, not a chilli sauce that i had said i wanted. but perhaps they were right not to use the chilli sauce. it might be too much.

personally i would prefer no sauce when i eat steak. just salt and pepper is good enough, just to bring up the flavour of the meat. or a small amount of mustard or horseradish sauce and that is it. 

maybe they might widen their appeal to the veggie eaters by promoting the sauce as something they could use over potato chips or crisps, or in a salad (in a dressing)… as well as over meat. well, there is another promotion tomorrow. it does not look like there is a time limit, so everyone can get one. added. 25.5.19. it looks like they limit this freebie to the first 100.

that area was full of people eating lunch, at the many stalls there providing cooked food. the guy just behind me in the queue said he happened to see the queue and checked it out and then realised this promotion was on. he said he lives nearby. i told him it is on again tomorrow, and i asked him what is to stop him coming back today for another go , and he jokingly said ya he could , go back change of clothes, wear a cap, and queue up again.haha.

most of the people there are office workers and dont live there, so i wonder how interested are they in queuing up and having to carry this raw meat around all day or put it somewhere at their place of work before they can bring it home. it might account for why the queue was not very long. and when i left , the end of the queue was allready at the door. perhaps it will get longer when the day is over and they all prepare to go home after work.

its all a lot of fun for me, to get these freebies and also get to go out and about enjoying this nice day and seeing all these people having their lunch and seeing the hustle and bustle of a busy food hall. and sampling their food which they give for people to taste. mostly giving out small pieces of pizza dough. haha.

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