24 May

london 8.28pm 19C dry cloudy friday 2019

its the 2nd day of the free meat giveaway with bbq sauce. i had a nice time socialising with those ahead of me and behind me. ahead of me were 4 white women who work nearby, they said but able to get time off to queue. behind me were two guys , one of them chinese looking, but later told me he is french, born and bred there. he is in his 20s, studying architecture here in london . when i asked why he chose london, he said it is the international feel of it, and also english language. (perhaps also that english architectural firms are very much in demand internationally? )anyway he said it takes 8yrs to train as one. medics take only 5yrs. so it must be harder to be an architect than to be a doctor. he rents a small room , £750 a month , exclude bills, in a shared student house nearby. we were in the liverpool st area. his friend is french, here on holiday from paris where he lives, to help him celebrate end of his term. he smokes hand cigarettes. he says he gave up for 3yrs  but went back to it because of the stress of his studies. his friend has given up smoking. both have no accent when they spoke english. to me who dont speak any other language than english, i find it very admirable that they can speak more than one language and so well too. perhaps they are typical of the europeans who come here to work or study in uk.

the chinese looking guy says he found a job, working for a high end restaurant. when i mentioned do they do silver service, he said yes, and they are going to teach him, and take him on, because they said  he is so  enthusiastic and his attitude in the interview. he must have impressed them a lot… but maybe also they find it hard to get people with silver service experience and have to train them.

many years ago, i remember watching  my friend practising silver service. he was  an australian blonde guy, (this was when  i was  living in australia for about 1yr,i had intended to migrate there but i only lasted a year or so before scuttling back to good ol britain haha), practising to pick up food on a plate with fork and spoon, with one hand, whilst holding a tray with the plate on it with the other. it looks like a juggling act and not easy to do. that is silver service i told him. i can see why not many will want to go through the training, it just sound like hard work, when u could just wait at table in any ordinary restaurant, and dont have to put too much of yourself into it. 

oh, about the free meat, i found that you can ask for a beer whilst waiting for the meat to marinade and be vacuum packed. it seems before 2pm, they cannot just give it to you,(something to do with the licensing laws) so that if u want beer  you have to ask for it. haha. i did not know that yesterday, no wonder no one was drinking beer yesterday; but since i just dont like beer, i did not ask for it today. the beer would just be wasted on me as i wont appreciate it. so can u imagine it, they are generous … beer even!! 

added 9.37pm . i was making rice and was steaming a plate of celery on top of the rice, when i decided to cut some pieces of the beef i got free earlier today. i chosed another cut, called the bayette, and it looked rather thick, and i heard from steve and his wife who got that cut yesterday that it was quite dry and they burnt the outside when they cooked it to get the inside cooked. i said it would be best if u like it medium rare, than cooking the outside well, would mean the inside will be medium rare. i was wondering how to cook it, then this idea of steaming it with the celery came up and i did it. i cut a few pieces from the main beef, and it turned out quite nice. the meat was not too tough… which is something i was very aware of , if u dont cook it right. 

Digital StillCamera

the meat does make the dish much more savoury, i put in a bit of the bbq sauce to the dish to season it and provide the gravy. so quite a nice dish and another way to cook the beef.

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