a free dinner

31 May

london 6.55pm 19C sunny friday 2019

last day in May. and becoming very summer-y.

i just got back from a free dinner at spelzini, in shoreditch high st. they were very nice to let us wait inside the restaurant, and provide us with water as well. we can chose between a croque monsieur, and a vegetarian taco, and finish off with every one getting an icecream inside a brioche, with some liquor sauce, which is bitter, but nicely offset by the sweet icecream. £4.

i chose the meat option,as did most of the people there, it is ham inside two huge slabs of bread, topped with melted cheese. and their burnt onion sauce which is very nice inspite of its name. it normally cost £8.50. quite a filling meal. there were quite a lot of my friends who go to these free offerings, and we made up a table of 9, and it was very sociable with us all chatting to each other.

the restaurant does not accept cash, card only. not that we were affected as it was free. looking at the rest of the menu, it is quite a small range of choices. only one pizza, and i am trying to recall if they have a pasta dish, i dont think so. an italian restaurant with no pasta dishes. they have a caeser’s salad.

its name seem to suggest a italian restaurant, but the menu does not reflect that. i think i am missing something here, i cant imagine what clientele this restaurant is aiming at. perhaps it is aimed at drinkers who want a nice place to go to drink, whilst having something to eat to fill themselves up so they dont get too drunk. 


the icecream brioche on the left, the croque monsieur on the right.

on a friday, you can see so many drinkers outside pubs, spilling out into the pavement, esp today, it being friday and the end of the working week. so it is obvious they want someplace to go to at lunch, or after work that is indoors in case of bad weather. now summer is here, that is not so likely, but come winter, who knows . a place like this one, might  be just what is wanted. they have a bar area, i did not go look at the bottles on display on the shelves on the wall, but perhaps it has a selection of wines that appeal to the drinkers. 

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