keeping things unchanging in a world that is constantly changing

3 Jun

london 6.33pm 19C sunny monday 2019

i walked into my library and was immediately met with a woman i know, who goes to penang every year, telling me loudly that penang has gone downhill, there are too many buildings being pulled down she said, and turned into shopping malls, and batu ferringhi  is polluted and have jelly fishes. i did interrupt her and said you cannot possibly blame the govt for jelly fishes. i know that there is a land reclamation scheme on in penang where they are extending the shoreline, to make a park. she did mention that the shoreline is fenced off and restricting movement, which is the case with the land reclamation area, they have fenced off the shoreline ; and i thought she might have been thinking that they are going to build high rise construction on it, but if so, she is mistaken because it is not possible to build high rise on reclaimed land. i found out she had been there only recently , in february, and has now returned, and she must have noticed the disruption. 

anyhow, it reminded me that as tourists we do find esp if we go to a tourist destination often over the years, that development will change it. even if it is not a tourist town, we will still find even in places where we live all year round that it will change. i mean look at london, even that have changed a lot nevermind a less well known tourist destination. it is a fact of life nowadays that places will change and quite drastically too. that is why for those of us who have travelled and seen these places many years ago, we know how they were in the past and so we noticed the big difference now if we were to go back to those places again. that is why i dont like revisiting them and very glad that i saw them in their past. 

i am looking at my flat and thinking nothing has changed at all since i bought it in 1991. and in the light of all these changes that i see around me, i wonder if that might be the reason why i resisted doing anything to the flat all these years… i just wanted something that i live in to remain unchanged just so i can get the nice feeling of familiarity and somethings especially a place that i live in and am inside a lot, that  dont change around me. i think it comforts me this unchanging surroundings. and it is one thing i am in control off. 


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