doughnut day

7 Jun

london 12.13pm 15C rain friday 2019

its doughnut day today, or so it seems. i only knew of it when i got an email from krispy kreme, giving me their free original doughnut if i say ‘i think the world is shaped like a doughnut’, haha. but i did not have to say it when i went to the victoria stall to redeem it. they just want to see the voucher code. it seems this day is to commemorate the salvation army using doughnuts as a fund raiser and not to celebrate the craze for doughnuts in this modern day and age. 

Digital StillCamera

i set nearby and ate it together with a thermos flask of coffee which i made earlier and brought with me. it is really very nice to have hot coffee with it. the sweetness of the doughnut complements the slight bitterness of the coffee. it was a rainy day outside, though you would not notice it inside the victoria station still plenty of light let in by the ceiling glass roof.

things are quiet in london, and in my life now.  the president of the usa have come and gone on his official visit. and the nation has been rather preoccupied celebrating D day and all that.

and this weekend is the naked bike ride, and eid festival in trafalgar square. it will be clashing with the naked cyclists when they pass through trafalgar square though it is possible that the eid festival would have ended at 5pm before the cyclists arrive there. earlier in the morning, there is the trooping of the colours, for the queens official birthday. so quite a busy saturday.

i used to join in the naked bike ride, with my friend john who would come down from bournemouth to stay with me over this time. but we seem to have lost interest in it and have not joined in for quite some years now. as it has gained in popularity and numbers , we seem to have become less inclined to join in. when it was small it was more fun now that it has grown so big, with so many people joining in it is not so much fun anymore. i think for me, it is just that my friends have lost interest and i tend to follow them in what they get up to. all those friends who like this kind of thing seem to have gone and i have lost touch with them. some may have died actually. that is what happens when u have old friends and are getting old too. 

i have noticed that with the pride march too. as it has got more organised i seem to have become less interested in joining in. this year there will be many floats taking part, and they have limited the numbers of people allowed to march. when it was only people marching in the past, it was more fun. ah well, that is progress i supposed. it will take place next month 6th july. there is a tendency to try to recreate old hits for eg, the tales of the city stories have been a huge hit in the 70s, and have been made into a tv series. now i hear they are recreating a new series, in netflix, supposedly as a continuation of the stories. so not exactly a remake of the series then. they will bring it up to date for a whole new generation or think they do. but they are using the same actors except they are older now… i am thinking they might be better going for new young actors and tell more stories with relevance to today’s gays , trans, and bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals…

to me, i will always think of it as a 70s thing. a time of innocence when being gay is not that popular, nor well known, and being trans is so rare, that it comes as a shock to find one prominent character is trans. and it is all a revelation to read what the gay characters, and straight characters get up to in the tales of the city stories. there was a joy to it all, like coming to a city to live and discovering all that is  new and exciting to  being gay or straight and anything goes in the city.

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