ikea gave me a free £5 birthday voucher

11 Jun

london 4.34pm 16C cloudy tuesday 2019


these are the 3 free items i got from the birthday voucher of £5 which ikea gave me to spend. that metal object is a garlic press £2.50, and the red thing is a dish washer with a inbuilt soap dispenser £1.75. and the turquoise cup 70p is their signature cup. i have a white one , which i found long ago , and i bought this one just to bring it up to the £5 total.

the garlic press is one that i really want, because i broke mine,  which i bought cheap from a charity shop long ago. that old garlic press was actually a combined garlic press and a cherry/olive pip remover.  you can tell that it belongs to a bygone age, as no one i know removes olive/cherry pips. i broke it by trying to press ginger on it, instead of garlic. i realise now that for ginger it is best to grate it. or just use a knife to crush it, and then cut it finely.

i enjoyed choosing these items, though the journey there and back was quite a bother. the ikea i went to was near wembley, north london, and i forgot which tube station to go to, i should have got off at hallesden tube station, but instead went one station further to stonebridge park station, and that was a mistake. because  the bus 224 that i took had to go pass hallesden anyway but not before going  a long circuitous route through housing estates.

tfl told me to go to neasden and then walk 15mins to ikea. i did not fancy walking, and i know of another way using buses from a tube station. i had a vague recollection that it is hallesden, or stonebridge park and choosed stonebridge just to try something new. after this, i will not advise anyone to choose stonebridge park. haha.

i was thinking whoever uses ikea must have their own transport. there were lots of people buying huge amounts of bulky stuff, and i was thinking they must have got their own transport, as i cannot imagine anyone using public transport to carry all those things back. 


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