12 Jun

london 6.02pm 13C rain wednesday 2019

quite a lot of rainy weather we are having. i dont mind the wet weather. 

i thought we would have dry weather yesterday at least in the evening when the live broadcast of the ballet romeo and juliet is shown in trafalgar square for free. i did not rush to get there early, partly because i suspect it wont be that full, since it is not the only venue where the live broadcast is shown. and simon was  about to cook dinner, fish cake with chips and peas and i fancied some of that. so i took the time to eat it, and still be able to get there for the start and as i suspected, there were lots of space to sit. luckily i brought along the bp plastic poncho, which was given to us last year, as well as a plastic cushion. when i went into the square, i was given a plastic cushion, it was not blown up with air. you have to do it yourself. but there was no poncho given out this year.

last year i saw there were a lot of ponchos being discarded and put into the trash can. i thought it was a lot of waste, i managed to save a few to keep. but i hope they recycled the rest. so maybe this year bp must have realised that this movement against one off plastic use makes giving out plastic one use ponchos might not be looked on as desireable. last year it was not raining, this year it rained during the show. people would have appreciated the ponchos this year, but as usual, when they need it it is not given out.

so i was comfortable under my poncho, but a lot of people were wet and left. the poncho also made me keep warm because it was quite cold without the wrap. it has an advantage over umbrellas.

ballet is an easy thing to watch, as it is so visual… the music was not that memorable, and it has a lot more drama and acting demanded of the dancers. i noticed they prolonged the death scenes, sometimes so long that it has a comic effect, when someone who is supposed to be fatally stabbed can still totter all over the stage, and even fight with the sword, and take an age to die. ah well, i suppose they have to fill in the music with some action, as there are not a lot of dancing going on. i surprised myself in staying on till the end. because there was not a lot of dancing in the final scene, though i was rewarded by a very good performance by the romeo dancer, when he danced with the dead juliet, and it was a very convincing display with him throwing her about whilst she had to pretend she is lifeless and allow her body and arms to flop about in a very convincing way.

this ballet was originally produced for margot fonteyn and nureyev, and i can imagine fonteyn would shine in the dramatic moments, she would be able to wring all the teary moments and emotions out of juliet’s death scene i am sure. 

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