london ends where toby carvery begins

15 Jun

london 12.11pm 18C rain saturday 2019

just now i saw my first fly of the year. so it took middle of june for the fly to appear in my flat.

now i see it, i am reminded that it is rather rare to see them. i dont think i saw one last year. or maybe i forgot. whatever the reason, it goes to show they are rather rare to see.

i see more moths , the kind that eats wool than i see flies (what we call domestic flies, i wonder why we call them that, or is that a term that is not used nowadays and kinds of date me perhaps) in my flat. but neither of them bothers me, in that they dont bite or suck blood. unlike mosquitos, which i have never seen in my flat in central london ever.

now i see lots of adverts about father’s day… it is on sunday, tomorrow. most of it seems to be about food. huge steaks it seems. and free beer. only one chain restaurant offers the father a free roast dinner, i think it is tobys’ carvery. they dont have a presence in london. at least not in central london.

this article says london ends where toby carvery begins.

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