juggernaut in london

16 Jun

london 5.34pm 19C sunday 2019

i nearly missed going to trafalgar square for this festival. they give out free food. they do it every year around this time, but i forgot and there was no notice of it happening this sunday at any of the events website that i belong to . i would expect ‘time out’ to feature it, but last i look there was no info on it. i dont know who it is in aid of , though i suspect it might be organised by the hara krishna people. there was no leaflets telling us who they are. 

luckily i was coming back from the paddington library and i had gone to the  maryelebone street festival which explains why i was  on the bus quite late in the day,  and saw their juggernaut going down the road from hyde park corner to picadilly circus. so that made me realise the festival was today. 

i decided not to go home just yet, and got off my bus at victoria and took the bus to trafalgar square. and saw the  long queues to the food stall where they were dispensing the food. but strangely, when i went to join the queue, the man in charge directed me to a empty third line, and i was able to walk by everyone to the head of the queue, and got my food very quickly. hmm, it seems lucky that. and the servers gave me double servings, i wonder why? previous years they were more careful but not this year, they were giving large servings to anyone. i was there about 1.30pm, and the cauldrons were still quite full of food. even though i could see lots of people sitting about the square, eating their food. this year there was no tea, just cold soft drinks. i found a link to the ratha yatra in odisha where they mentioned it is noted for its juggernauts

and that this festival has been popularised all over the world by the hara krishnas.

Digital StillCamera

i had allready eaten half of it before i remembered to take a picture. its a stew of chick peas, aubergine, nuts (it has cashew nuts too) over rice, and vegetables(brocolli) in batter, with a custard over something sweet for dessert.

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