17 Jun

london 1.42pm 21C sunny monday 2019

it was only this morning that i found out about a free lunch today given by SOW, to celebrate its opening at great malborough st, near the top end of carnaby st. i was exchanging email messages with steve, about a different matter and happen to click on a link he gave me that says this place is having a free lunch to the first 100 customers today. when i got there, it was exactly 12pm, and i was expecting to see a long queue, but no, no one about it seems. 

there were two men standing at the entrance, so i hesitantly asked is this the free food? and they said yes and gave me a menu and when i walked into the place i see my friends, steve and wife and all the others allready seated and eating. they said they started going in at 20mins to 12, even though it was meant to start at 12noon. 

anyway i got a nice chicken and rice thai green curry… lots of chicken breast meat, normally costs £8. its very mild curry though. i am really surprised there was not such a long queue, but then it was not publicised at all well, as i have not heard of it till this morning and only by accident. i was wondering why they call the place sow. female pig. until i came back and googled it and found it is meant to be a verb, like to sow seeds etc. haha. well it can lead to confusion i bet. 

in fact, the others were talking of a free food given by the malaysian high commission, recently, to celebrate hari raya puasa, and i had not heard of it. the others said they themselves only heard of it last minute. one went and said it was so busy she only was able to eat 3 of the foods. it was held at the high commissions house in hampstead. and it seems tun mahathir the prime minister was there, making a short 3day visit to uk. i belong to a malaysian in uk facebook site and they dont know anything about it, which is rather a disgrace really as they should know and alert us to it. but maybe it is allready so busy they just dare not make it too well known as no one checks if u are a malaysian or not. so they just try to make it known by word of mouth and only to malaysians. 

Digital StillCamera

quite a lot of chicken breasts in this dish.

they were talking of other freebies, so i was able to get info on some more free food to be given out in the near future. it is very useful this little group of regulars that we have, we keep each other informed of new offerings. 


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