breakfast at chloe

18 Jun

london 4.18pm rain 19C tuesday 2019

i am really happy to see it rain. this summer i hope will be a good one for me, with lots of rain right through till autumn. to me it is a welcome sight as i immediately bring up visions of it removing all the pollen that is flying about, and wash the air clean.

even though there have been many rainy days occasionally i still get bouts of sneezing, which suggests to me that if not for this rain,it will be a lot worst.   this summer i think,would rank as one  with the highest amount of pollen put out by far. they dont measure it, maybe because they have no means of measuring the amount of pollen per square inch, but i bet it is a lot. all they tell us is that it is high, and that have been stuck at high all the time, even through the rain. usually when it rains, i expect it to at least drop to medium or ,a hopeless wish, to low. 

Digital StillCamera

actually there is more filling than shown, as usual with burgers when u bite into it you push all the fillings back so that it protrudes out at the back and make things very messy.

this morning i got breakfast at chloe. you will remember they gave out guacomole burgers before the shop was ready to open. this time, they have got it finished and it is a very nice big space. and a big menu board above the serving counter. and i was approached straight away when i walk in given a menu and asked to chose, so i asked about the free breakfast, and he said it is on thursday. i must have looked disappointed, because he quickly said he can give me a bacon burger. vegetarian one of course. their system here is to give u a pager, and ask you to sit anywhere and wait for it to buzz. so i used the time to go downstairs to the loo. it was a long trip through twisting corriders and down stairs. haha.

it took some time to get my order. and there were a few people sitting about, but some of them seem to be staff, sitting with laptops. at least they were not being given their burgers, even though they were here before me. just a couple , man and woman, got their burgers before me, and they took theirs out rather than sit in the restaurant to eat it. i myself took mine out and went to the steps of the church nearby to eat it.

i was surprised at how long it took to make the burger. there were not many people, no queue. normally when there is something free going on you expect to see a queue. i dont see any of my freeloader friends either. so maybe they know it has been moved to the thursday perhaps. i must ask them when i next see them.

it has been advertised as starting from 7.30am, but when i went there earlier at 8am, i was told they open at 11am. that is why i went back nearer 11am, and maybe that is why there is no queue. they must have been told the free breakfast is on thursday instead. so my free food is a courtesy gift from them even though today is not a free breakfast day. it is nice of them to give it to me.

i got  a bacon cheeze burger. the bacon is just onion sauce, very nice too because it was a bit burnt and have that lovely flavour, (in fact, i am thinking i might do the same with my onions next time i cook them) the cheese was tofu i think, coloured to look yellow egg like appearance , by tumeric maybe… and does look and taste like egg. so that is a success.

its all vegan their menu.   and quite a big space, lots of seating. so people can linger if they wish. this one i got cost about £9 normally. it does seem rather high for a breakfast product. i dont know about you, but i expect vegetables  to be cheaper than meat…but maybe with all that trying to make them appear like meat,it is a costly thing to do.

but somehow to me, after all that effort, it is still a vegetable sandwich. i have tasted them now, these vegan efforts and i think so far they have not done anything remotely like meat.

maybe seitan will be more like meat, i have yet to taste seitan, or the impossible burger brand, which they seem to say is meat like.

i read of kfc having a meat -less ‘chicken ‘ burger (made from quorn)but it is only in some select outlets. in london it is the gloucester road branch.

from that article i learnt that only 1% of the population are vegan. so why are so many restaurants jumping on this vegan bandwagon? maybe the profit is high? the markup is high and they can afford to make a gamble. who knows the public might bite.

added. it seems the real beef taste and texture is in two companies, beyond burger, and impossible burger. link to comparing them. both are american companies.

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