sub cult free food

19 Jun

london 5.37pm 18C been raining wednesday 2019

practically everyday we have a free meal . today is the turn for a bunch of guys who started off with a pop up, then a van now they are opening their brick and mortar eating place.

it is in the city of london, near banktube, mansion house tube. they do sandwiches , with soft 7inch batons of bread. i got their most expensive option, the submarine £8.50, consisting of scallops,calamari, pulled pork with crackling, and it was very delicious and worth the money. we got it free of course, but their prices are quite reasonable when i compared them with the vegan prices that i have been seeing lately.

they are called sub-cult.

they make it easy to eat, the sandwich is very neatly packed so that you can eat it without making a mess.  it seems they have been around for 5yrs but it is the first time i heard of them.

fortunately i went early. i got an email from steve, to remind me and he said 11ish… the notices i got said 12pm. so i decided to go early anyway, and glad i did, because i got there at about 10.20am, and they told me they open the free food at 11am. normally i would have tried to get there  about 11.30am, half hour before it starts at 12pm.

if u had come then u might have missed out as the queue was very quickly filled . they are only giving out 200 free food. i was the 4th in the queue. but my order was number 41, so it looks like there is a party of people being given priority earlier. or they were breakfast customers, which they serve earlier. 

later i saw steve and his wife join further back in the queue. this free sandwich is certainly one of the really good ones that i have tried. 

Digital StillCamera

this is just the head of it , the cross section as it were . you can see the scallop, it goes back a fair bit, 7inches long. i think. very worth it.

when i went there i took the tube as it is the quickest way to get around if you are in a hurry.  though if u change at victoria, you might have a long walk underground, changing from one line to another. unless you know the short cut like i did, haha. there is a way to get from the victoria line to the east bound district line without going the long way round.

coming back i got the bus, and ate the sandwich on board, it was very pleasant, i sat on the lower deck at the back, it was one of the new routemaster buses with the seat facing backwards so had a nice view of all the mad traffic following us as the bus make its slow way to trafalgar square.

there are lots of traffic jams and traffic was slow. this is due to the road works that narrowed the street. for some reason they all decided to repair the roads at this time. could be the rain flooded the drains, and caused all this road repairs.

well as in anything, one man’s meat is another’s poison. so the rain to me is very welcomed, but i daresay it will cause others to suffer. in fact, the bus 11 i got after my workout at the circuit training that i go to every wednesday was diverted so much that it went directly from sloane square to victoria, taking the short cut, that by -pass its usual long route. all because of road works at the junctions. two of them along that route.

its possible the roads were flooded, because when i got out of the sports centre after my session, i saw the roads were wet, and it was raining. it must have rained hard when we were inside doing the training.


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